“Too Late For A ‘Tocktober Submission?”

[Of course not! ‘Tock submissions welcome ’til October ‘Tocktober 31!]

“..because I thought you might like this shot of a donkey. The photo was taken by me at a park in Central Finland.” -Best regards, Päivi N.



  1. To Paivi (and the donkehs also):

    “S’Wooooonderful……’s’Marvelous……. [etc]” ❤

  2. Those are some very flirtatious ‘tocks right there… S/he is all “Well, hello…”

  3. That donkeh is giving us side-eye smizing and it is fab.

  4. And there’s two too, or am I the only one to notice the magnificent pony tocks with Fabioesque tail in the background?

    [Insert joke/pun using one-syllable synonym for both “donkey” and “‘ ‘tocks”…]

  5. SixFootJen says:

    Ohhh MYYYYY! If you looked up “coy” in the dictionary, that donkey’s face would be there.

  6. Mary (the first) says:

    I think that’s where the phrase “Ba donk a donk” came from, isn’t it??

  7. I can’t believe nobody’s gone there yet, but:


  8. Firdie!

  9. I was getting worried scrolling down and still not seeing that! Thank you!!

  10. Smartypants says:

    LOL, I figured all the “ass” quips were stuck in the Mod Lounge!

  11. T Jourard says:

    Stop showing me your ass, you ass! (that comment is from my dad, who’s almost as clever as NTMTOM)



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