Do Cats Drive You Crazy?

Don’t worry. They drive Manuka; the rather annoyed, possibly offended, oinking piggalette slightly in need of rescuing, a lot more crazy!

“‘ello, come on then…” Via Laughing Squid via YouTube



  1. Mary (the first) says:

    The cats look so confused .. “it’s too big to be a mouse.. it’s making strange noises .. what the heck IS that thing?”

  2. Needs a bottle and a blankey

  3. I thought with it’s name “Manuka” this piggly-wiggly was from New Zealand (you know, my place). But I guess not.
    Saying that though Manuka honey is used in NZ to smoke bacon. What exactly is piggy’s human planning on doing with him? Should he be warned?

  4. i think piggy was looking for mama to get something to eat

    katzen are lucky piggy knows the diff or that coulda got wee-wee-wee-ird

  5. I have a rat terrorist named Speck. A German lady met her and was quite confused by her name. Apparently it means “bacon” in German. It would be a perfect name for a bacon bit like this little guy.

  6. Wafflecat says:

    I squeed my pants. :/ Don’t tell, ok?

  7. doomchild says:

    I forgot to breathe. I’m right with you in the “don’t tell” department.

  8. Tee hee, those little porkers are always so hyperrrrrrrrrrr! 😉

  9. Where do I get a piglet to harass my cats too?

  10. It’s like a little wind-up toy

  11. 😆 Both cats did not know what to do 😆

  12. That poor lettle pig is way too young to be away from its mom : (

  13. Incandescent says:

    Unless it’s a micro-pig. That particular breed only gets to the size of a small cat, so their piglets are suuuuper teensy. If it is a micro-pig, then it’s likely an adolescent.

  14. What happens if he goes on a macrobiotic diet?!

  15. When you finish the clip, one of the recomm videos called ‘Way better than a cell phone!!!’ is adorable. Little girl going to peices over getting a puppy.