Flashback Friday

Something in the way she meows, attracts me like no other fluffer,

Via Buzzfeed



  1. And lets not forget these oldies but goodies:
    I want to bite your hand.
    Twist and bite.
    Love meow do.

  2. RIP George… ;(

  3. Smartypants says:

    Good ones!

  4. teeth can’t possibly get any more British … 🙂

  5. Sooo cute!

  6. I want to hold your paw.

  7. “I’m biting a beetle! Tastes like a human to me.”

  8. OMG! Get a load of those eyelashes on that man! And crooked eye teeth—mee-owww!

  9. Four out of five pointy bits agree!

  10. woofiesma says:

    I loved George. We were born the same year and he went too soon. What a great picture of him relaxing with a kitteh.

  11. well once ‘pon a time I was alive and alternated breathing in and out.

    You’ve done me in pyrit. “ELIZABETH THIS IS THA BIG ONE. I’M COMIN’ ELIZABETH!!”

    *plop* *sizzle*

  12. George has always been my favorite. Being a friend to a feline just solidifies his place in my heart.

  13. Same here, Claire 😀

  14. I second that George went too soon, woofiesma 😥 It is nice to see a picture of him cuddling a kitteh 🙂