Violet: By The Numbers

“This is our 5 month old Shar Pei puppy, Violet. This picture has it all. Side-eye, tocks, and toes. Plus butt-wrinkles.” -Rachel M.

1. Foldable Furrowed Brow. (1 pair.)
2. Side Eye. (1 pair.)
3. Foldable Jowls. (1 pair.)
4. Back Foldable Fur Chubs AKA “Butt Wrinkles.”
5. Classic Splayage Action (1 pair) merging into ‘Tocks Central.
6. Rear Beans. (1 pair.)
7. The Tailio.




  1. Don’t forget “Disapproval”.

  2. Nicely done 🙂

  3. Love the Tailio best … looks like it belongs to a kangaroo…

  4. Mary (the first) says:

    Yep, this puppeh has it all!

  5. Including velvety muzzlepouch and nommable earsies. And a toy hedgie.

  6. That is one impressive tailio! That sucker will knock over some lamps in days to come I bet.

  7. I would just like to say:

    There is a whole lotta chub going on there.

    That is all.

  8. I would like to bury my face in those chubbular folds please. Thank you. 😀

  9. My parents’ Golden Retriever, Sadie, LOVES those toy hedgies. She carries them everywhere. They are all named Hector, and when one falls apart Mom and Dad buy another one for her.

  10. My Dad’s Corgie is the same way! And it always gets replaced! Have you seen the platypus from the same manufacturer? When you open it up, it as a bunch of eggs in it. His pup loves that one, too!