(Say Like Kirk:) “Al..most..THERE!”

Max wants his biscuit. And what Maxie wants, Maxie gets.

photo 2
From Mike S., who that hand on the right presumably belongs to.



  1. Mine.

  2. With-IN. My. Reach. It. MUST. Be. Mine!

    Clearly. This. Is the. Work. of the Romulans!

  3. Those claws look huge!

  4. I was thinking Star Wars quote – not Star trek
    (yes- I’ve embraced my geek-nicity)

  5. Smartypants says:

    “Bring me Solo and the cookie!”

  6. Yes, Kirk never said “Alllmost … there!” that I am aware of, but Garven Dreis (Commander of Red Squadron) definitely did. 🙂

  7. Looks like Max is overdue for his pawdicure… and a good nose BEEP!


  8. Those loooong claws? I hope they don’t bother him o_O

  9. also applicable = “EHN”.

    Carry on, troops.