Halloween’s Coming? Seriously?

Check out these guys- they’re ready to go!





~Le Creditos~

1. Sidekick Sadie, from Christina V.
2/3. Guillermo from Courtney P.
4/5. From Corgi Addict.com.
6. From Mail Online.



  1. i think ventus is a penguin

    a stubbular penguin

    who thinks bowties are cool

  2. 260Oakley says:

    Extra treats for Sadie for remembering her good bud.

  3. I agree. Dapper li’l pengie. And oh my word! I so need to snorgle the little guy above him. He looks like he’s saying, “So… Tie-tie… But… Must… Reach… Chew-toy!”

  4. Guillermo with the crotcheted bonnet – I can not even imagine tyring to put that on one of my cats! It would be a bloody scene…

  5. Bottle Green says:

    Well, Guillermo in his bonnet has just made my day.

  6. I’m thinkin’ the kitteh and the pug’s humans are lucky they’re still breathing.

  7. My thoughts exactly! One of our cats looks a lot like Guillermo (which makes them both adorable), but apparently our cat has a much different purrsonality.

  8. That kitty is gorgeous;.

  9. Christina V says:


  10. My niece, Cindy, does that to her cats every Halloween and Christmas and sends the pictures to me 😀