What Really Happened

He was so brave. That’s what I remember most. We were walking home from the Rotary potluck, just Herbert and I, and the moon was full and the stars were twinkling and the night seemed to be made just for us.

And then out of nowhere, there was the cat. Its jaws were enormous and its gigantic paw almost blotted out the moon. I couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe, and Herbert, not even a thought for himself, stands between us and tells me to get to safety. As I ran, he called out to me, “Tell the children… I love them.”

Anyway, that’s how we lost your father. I did not eat him after our third date, and I have no idea how that ugly rumor got started. Now finish your dinner.

Still another of Japan’s most retweeted cat pictures.



  1. Bwaa-hahaha-heehee-hoo-haha *snort, snerk,gasp* tee hee
    Love you, NTMTOM! 🙂

  2. LOL!!!

  3. NOMTOM, I want to inhabit the same universe you do.

  4. SlaveToCat says:

    Moral of the story is don’t believe everything Mom tells you.
    With 2 kids and a loveless shotgun marriage, Herbert knew what was coming and decided to run off with the fluffy kitty

  5. I have learned to never look at the photo before finishing the story when it’s a NTMTOM post. But by the time I got to “I did not eat him after our third date” I was already giggling because I knew what the photo was going to be! 😆
    I LOVE your twisted mind NTMTOM!!!

  6. Clairdelune says:

    I love that lifted kitty paw. I LOVE NTMTOM!!! Do you know where I can find a similar model? My life NEEDS an NTMTOM. Really. 😀

  7. Clairdelune says:

    I heard rumors about a fluffy kitty in that area giving birth to an odd litter of kittens, some of whom had strange appendages and cannibalistic tendencies. Of course it could be just another rumor produced by a troubled mind.

  8. Martha in Washington says:

    If you find that supplier, please let us all know! 🙂

  9. Martha in Washington says:

    Pulling for the monster on this one! Go Kitteh!

  10. The hovertext is silly. Mantises are kung fu masters, not karate!

  11. For real! 🙂

  12. sabrina rose says:

    Absolutely totally for sure!!! I read the story, looked at the picture, and it brought a hint of a tear to my eye. Then I noticed who the author was, and felt dumb! But it’s still a charming little tale. Shouldn’t NTMTOM start writing illustrated books? Gathering his collection of CO captions into book form would sell millions!!!

  13. 😆 I second that, Martha in Washington 😆

  14. I love that punchline, now finish your dinner. So NTMTOM.

  15. Fuzzalina says:

    NOMTOM rocks! You win the Internet with that one.

  16. Yes…and exactly what color is the sky there?

  17. I knew as soon as I read the commentary that NTMTOM was behind it.
    You totally crack me up.

  18. Yeah sabrina rose, we have been asking, nay BEGGING, for this for decades with no result! NTMTOM apparently doesn’t want to make some extra money, or fill the needs of his rabid fans! *pouts*