THIS JUST IN: Barnaby Cleans Up At Hedgehog Fest

From Cuteporter Christine L., who has been workin’ that Send button hard today: “On Saturday, October 5, Barnaby went to Hedgehog Fest.


First he won Best Adult Patterned Male and won a small pumpkin trophy.”


He progressed in the show and then won Best Adult Male (patterned or non-patterned) and received a medium-sized star trophy.”


Then he won Best Male Overall (junior or adult, patterned or non-patterned) and received a tall witch trophy.”


He won Best Costume, participated in the Hedgie Games (where he took home ribbons in two events), and competed in the conformation show.” [The what? -Ed]


This weekend was especially exciting because in addition to winning at Hedgehog Fest…”


…Barnaby passed 2,000 followers on Instagram!”


(And heck, here’s The Man at The Beach The King Of The World c/o Smartypants.)




  1. Smartypants says:

    Last pic – “I’m King of the World!”

  2. rescue gal says:

    That was going to be my comment! Great minds and all……

  3. RUN AWAY !! .. The Lion is loose !!

  4. Terri Dunkley says:

    I can’t really get over the fact that there’s a Hedgehog Fest!!

  5. Yup, gonna steal that one.

  6. Stole that one.

  7. Let me be your wings…

  8. Mary (the first) says:

    If I knew how to do Instagram, I would totally be his friend! (or whatever. His gram?)

  9. Smartypants says:

    Awesome, my first caption! 🙂

  10. Didn’t think ‘king of the world’ but Rose’s “I’m flying” instead.

  11. Yes. Some people get a whole Hedgehog Fest, and yet where I live, I can’t even legally own a hedgehog . . .
    So unfair!!

  12. Aw Barnaby!

  13. so much awesome!

  14. Conformation means how close to the physical ideal of an animal an individual is. Proper height, weight, etc

  15. Sharon Wilson says:

    I love the black back spot!

  16. Forget those super cute rabbits, I want a hedgehog now!

  17. princess guinea and ariel says:

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