The Pawed Squad

They’re all wearing tuxes. But one of them’s a Toesday spy. The name’s Bean. Toe Bean.

You’ve Been Framed Bean!

Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 2.17.21 PM
Catsino Royale Sender-Inner, Andrew M. Produced by Andrew M. Thanks to Andrew M.



  1. Martha in Washington says:

    Solid black kitteh is so ADORABUHLS!!
    ❤ the names!

  2. I would like my Tuna shaken, not stirred please.

  3. Andre Mueller is my new favorite director! Agree with Martha – the black kitten stole my heart!

  4. I would TOTALLY be an International Bad Guy if it meant Special Agent Tux would have to spend lots of time with me, making me give up my IBG secrets.

  5. Smartypants says:

    Way too cute! Great production & music, Andrew M.

    I could see a sequel with the Charlie’s Angels-style silhouette too!

  6. I guess that’s Agent M (for Mother) at the end.

  7. Squee!
    By the way, if you need more humor while the panda cam is down, check out: & Like it Help poetry go viral!

  8. At first I thought, “Wait, one’s not a tuxedo…” But then I realized he/she is going for the monochrome look: Black shirt, black jacket, black tie.

    Adorable from start to finish!

  9. AWW 😀 I would just LOVE to adopt those three sweet little kitties and their mom if I could 😀

  10. Alice Shortcake says:


  11. Not just Tuxedo Kittens are too cute! ALL Kittens are too cute! 🙂

  12. Andrew Mueller says:

    Thanks everyone! Sequel in the works 🙂

  13. Andrew Mueller says:

    Thank you!

  14. Andrew Mueller says:


  15. 🙂

  16. victoreia says: