Take This Jabba and Shove It

Last thing Salacious Crumb ever said.
…Luckily, “I’ll squeak your squeaker!” said Princess Leia.

9904552996_917ed3db3b_z (1)
“Hi, I’m a long time fan of CO. This is my foster kitty Princess Leia. She was saved by Toni’s Kitten Rescue in San Francisco and will be available for adoption through San Francisco Animal Care and Control in a few weeks. She’s a special little one who doesn’t mind snuggling up with Jabba the Hut.” Best, M.



  1. *BLINKS* .. Jabba the kitten mit ??? (err Kitchen .. hehe)

  2. ScoutsMom says:

    Looks like Jabba is saying “Get in my belly”


  4. Barb and Paul says:

    What a beautiful prosh little kitteh!

  5. Jabba crossed with Barney or possibly Lur, of the planet Omicron Persei 8?

  6. I was hoping someone else had made the “Hutt” correction so it wasn’t so obvious how much of a geek I am (Star Wars geek, grammar geek — pick one). At least I’m a kitteh lovah!

  7. What a precious little thing!

  8. If only I weren’t deathly allergic to kittens….

  9. Clairdelune says:

    OOOOOHHH!! *sad face* Can’t you get shots or something? Seems unfair, just like being allergic to chocolate. 😦

  10. Clairdelune says:

    Definitely a cuddle magnet. What a little face!

  11. CUTE! Wish I could take her, but the dogs would protest too much.
    Also, thanks for the Dead Kennedys reference 😀

  12. omg.. ❤ this.

  13. AWW 😀 I would adopt dear sweet little Princess Leia if I could 😀

  14. As someone who watched the tauntaun sleeping bag race last month at DragonCon, can I just say,

    wow we’re nerds.

    Oh, and thank you for fostering this sweetie. I don’t think that I could foster these sweeties and not keep them.

  15. 😀
    Oh, I wish I could make the ‘across-the-US’ run in less than 12 parsecs so I could go and adopt this prosh fuzzy nubbin.

  16. Nice to see the Princess besting Jabba. 🙂

  17. Oh!! That’s MY kitty’s name!! Princess Leia! 🙂