Never Fear!

Dr. Dentist cat is here!

“This is our cat Rosie giving my husband a dental exam. She was born in a juniper hedge outside a restaurant in the wilds of the Sacramento Delta. She purrs louder than a jet plane, and is just the cutest thing imaginable.” -Kelcey P.



  1. SlaveToCat says:

    Someone had a tuna sandwich for lunch and forgot to share.

  2. Rosie: “Is it mostly tuna you eat?”
    patient: “Mmmrh, mrrhh mrrrhh.”
    Rosie: “Sir, please don’t try to talk while my nose is in your mouth.”

  3. Also: TOCKS!

  4. This photo is just perfect. My beloved Maddie-cat (died last February) used to do this to people. I miss those feline dental exams so much.

  5. Hmm, is she in network…?

  6. Whenever I eat anything minty or use lip balm (of the minty and non-minty variety equally) I too am subjected to the dental exam of fuzzy doom. Love it.

    But I really miss when she was small enough to try and stick her nose up my nose, that was the best thing ever.

  7. Hugs to dgerish. ❤

  8. Sorry to hear about the loss of Maddie-cat, dgerish. It’s so hard to say goodbye to our little furry friends…

  9. Our cat Henry does this to us every morning. He has to check our level of “morning breath” in order start his day right. The worse our breath smells, the longer he investigates. Ah, cats…

  10. doomchild says:

    It has to be the color. We have a cat who looks very much like Rosie, and he, too, sounds like a diesel engine when he purrs 🙂 Especially when he rubs his head against something, and his lip is lifted – I think even our neighbors can hear the cat then 😀

  11. It is so hard to lose an ani-pal, especially after many, many years. Recently, though, I adopted a new baby, and if I knew how to post pictures, I’d pop one up here for you all to admire little George Weasley.

  12. Most hoomans don’t realize cat nip is also of the mint family, so minty things are divine to kitteh kind. Mine used to lick my lips – great exfoliating!

  13. petless in Puddletown says:

    Cleo did it too! Rosie could be her twin (at least from the ‘tocks angle)… is she, perchance, polydactyl?

  14. Last-cat-but-one, Montgomery, got his name because of the size of his purr. This tiny little kitten could register vibrations at Cal Tech’s Seismology Lab from 50 miles away! And I kept hearing (yes, one of the voices in my head…) a thick Scottish accent saying “Captain, I’ve got the engines tuned up and purrrrrrin’ like a kitten…” So I named him after Scotty (aka Montgomery Scott). He was also a gray tabby, but with no white.

  15. She is not, but one of her sons has a claw growing out of the middle of his back toe, so there is probably some polydactylism in there.

  16. I really think I must see a picture of little George Weasley for my life to be complete. Please do submit.

  17. kibblenibble says:

    As a person owned by two wonderful cats, may I just say that I love reading all these comments by folks who so obviously love their kitties, too? You guys are great! 🙂

  18. AWW 😥 I am so sorry to hear that, dgerish 😥 (BIG CYBER HUG)

  19. AWW 😀 I also would just LOVE to see a picture of your dear sweet kitty, George Weasley, dgerish 😀

    I scanned a picture of a mom cat and her six babies on my printer and saved it to my computer:D I sent it to CuteOverload in August 2012 but it NEVER showed up 😥

  20. Yep 😆

  21. Night Owl says:

    Dr. Dentist cat is the only dentist I’d be happy to visit.

  22. I’m pretty sure I’ve sent in shots of the whole litter–George had 5 siblings survive. Ginnie, Charlie, and Percy got homes with my college students. George is mine. Fred and Billie (female) are still living on the porch, as they’re too shy to get nabbed. Yes, Fred and George are nearly identical pale marmies, and Charlie is a bright orange boy.

    Maybe put some pressure on the CO selectors? I’ve never been chosen before.

  23. My Blitzcat used to do that. Jeez, I miss that kitty. She was my best friend and she took care of my brother while he recovered from a stroke.