Candy Corn, My FAVORITE

[This is why I always love October. Eleven months outta the year, the same old thing. But this month? Om nom nom.]

From the Oregon Zoo website: “A teensy, newly hatched Western pond turtle is being hand-reared at the Oregon Zoo as part of a head start program to help the species survive during declining numbers. Photo by Carlie Davidson.”



  1. Finally someone who appreciates candy corn as much as me and can make it CUTE in the process. Love your blog!! We can all use a CuteOverload! 😉

  2. Martha in Washington says:

    Candy Corn…one of the Top Ten Reasons that Fall is my favorite season! (And my Gemma cat loves it too!)

  3. JustAnotherHeather says:

    I’m more of a mallowcreme pumpkin fan, but I’d like candy corn more if it came with a teeny turtle.

  4. Candy corn! Oh, YES! And when accompanied by a teeny tiny baby turtle, so much the better!

  5. mindadale says:

    Brach’s ARE the best, Brinke. Though I prefer the mellocreme pumpkins to the corn. Just don’t show up with the Palmer’s crud and try to pass it off as the good stuff. Brach’s, FTW.

  6. mindadale says:

    The pumpkins….so much yumminess. And Walgreens goes and puts them right by the register…”Why, yes, I did need a bag of mellocreme pumpkins with my purchase. How did you know?”

  7. yes but have you tried the Candy Corn OREOs from Target. #wow

  8. Smartypants says:

    Oh, too cute! I squee’d out loud (my neighbor must wonder what’s going on over here). What an adorable bebeh turtle. I saw one in the wild that was the size of an Oreo – pretty darn cute.

  9. mindadale says:

    Not yet. But I’m willing to give them a go…you know, for science.

  10. Aww, wee turtle in a candy corn forest!