THIS JUST IN: Big Kitty Happy Rumbles

Who wants a belly rub! Who wants one! Who needs a head scritch! Who’s a big knucklehead! Get over here!

Posted by Funny TV, & submitted by those Concord maniacs, Barb N Paul. Headline updated with Cuteporter Heather H.’s great line. Fate of whoever was holding the camera……….unknown.

(PS- This isn’t just any guy out in the bush- Kevin Richardson happens to be “The Lion Whisperer.”)


  1. I think, no matter how awesome my relationship might be with the lions in question, I’d still pee myself a little in that split second before they pounced.
    XD Big Kitty Happy Rumbles are so great.

  2. I think if it was me, I would need a change of underwear and pants, Heather Hanson.

  3. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I’d have soiled garments I’d never even *worn.* People hundreds of miles away would be wondering what happened to their underdrawers.

  4. HA! You guys are awesome! ;)

  5. you know what? “Big Kitty Happy Rumbles” is so great, that’s the new headline.

  6. And wouldn’t Big Kitty Happy Rumbles be a great name for a band? 8-D

  7. I would listen the HECK out of that band. :)

  8. YAY! XD

  9. looks like the camera was on a pole rigged to the guy’s belt.

    pitty #1 got it good, though. for a guy who can rumpus with the king & duchess of the jungle, this guy wasn’t too smart thinking he could play with kittehs with a thing on a stick dangling overhead.

  10. I’m with the other blogger.. I’d pee myself a little there in the beginning..

  11. Holy you-know-what, I would too. All I could think was, “Oh, look, lions play with their food, too.”

  12. LOL

  13. LOLOL

  14. Omg, that’s some major lion snorgling going on there… Make that major snorgling of a major lion. Woah!

  15. petless in Puddletown says:

    Kept waiting for the DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME disclaimer… oy.

  16. Boofus McGoofus says:

    If you can try this at home, your home is far more interesting than mine.

  17. Heh.

  18. SlaveToCat says:

    And when the kitties are done with the belly scritches look out. This isn’t a disapproving Marmie we are dealing with. Why do I have a feeling they have met some where before.

  19. Lions are so amazingly blendy in the grass! They just appeared out of nowhere!

  20. One day you are a singer in a boy’s band, doing the “right stuff”, next you are snorgling lions. What a career arc.

    *yes, I know they are different people. This Kevin doesn’t have the same eyebrow hedge.

  21. Dog Lover says:

    I was gonna be all cute and say something like, “I’m totally ‘n sync with your sentiments” until I realized my error. I tend to confuse those boy bands cuz… well, I’m old, dammit! :)

  22. HAW

  23. twocityshibas says:

    Can’t decide if I’m more jealous of the guy for snorggling with lions or the lions for snorggling a very handsome man!!

  24. Nicefrenchgurl says:

    Definitely, I was waiting for someone to mention it… One of those CO calendar guys I guess. And what kind of accent is this? South African? I died and went to Heaven the second he started speaking …

  25. Yes, it’s a really strong South African accent. (From a South African girl here.)

  26. Lions Rumble happy but don’t purr. However, I was PURRING! ;)

  27. So happy you mentioned! Quick! Get the calendar out before he’s lion toast!!!

  28. And this magically happens when you buy one of these cameras? I’m sold!

    Also: totes jealous.

  29. I wonder — is the fact that hanging with lions you raised seems to work out better than tigers down to the fact lions are pack animals rather than loners like tigers? So they have the wiring to go “hmm, you smell and sound familiar, oh, hey, lets play and groom” rather than “mmm, dinner!”

  30. I would strong suspect this to be the case. Their sociality might somewhat disincline them to conspecific aggression as well as predation.

  31. emmberrann says:

    Um, yeah, riigghhht. Can we have that again, in English this time, puhleeze?

  32. translated: They’re used to living in groups, so they
    wouldn’t automatically fight with each other, and they won’t eat the dude if they “know” him.

  33. Kevin Richardson the best guy :)

  34. Yes he is.

  35. This made me hyperventilate with SQUEEEEs. OMG. Made my frickin solar year.

  36. They behave exactly like common pet kitties … Does this mean my cats would slay and eat me if only they were that big and I would make them angry? Cause I know for sure lions would.

  37. Have you ever NOT thought your cat would eat you if they could? ;-p

  38. Trust me: in your final moments they will be checking your pulse and holding a mirror up to your mouth! Dogs hold off for a bit because of the whole “alpha” thing, but cats are like, “I’m not sure where that lady went, but how nice of her to leave us all this meat!” :)

  39. So that is why they do bite my fingers sometimes: to see if I am already done.

  40. Amazing! I then had to go and look at his site and all of his videos… it’s so crazy!

  41. rocinrobin says:

    This is my future son-in-law.

  42. prinsasshelly says:

    sorry to hear he’s off the market. cute and cuddly. I mean the man of course!

  43. … And then she ate the cameraman…


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