Snoopybabe Conquers The Intertubes

Meet Snoopybabe, everyone. Snoopybabe hails from Chengdu, China.

[Pause as CO Peeps gasp in amazement, then drop like bowling pins, klunk klunk klunk.]

You can start picking yourself up off the floor anytime you like. (Of course, there’s more here and here if you need another hit.)











Tip of the cap to Andrew Y. : Photos from Mail Online.


  1. i don’t get it. this cat’s appearance is disturbing, not cute. it probably has breathing and ENT infection problems. i wish people would stop fetishizing smashed-face breeds.

  2. Mary (the first) says:

    Yeah, I’m not a fan, either. And don’t like, in general, the over-manipulating of breeds for one “desired” trait unless it’s to help or cure some kind of defect like dysplasia or something like that. For appearances, I like natural!

  3. Maybe a Persian and a shorthair just happened to fall in love and make this beautiful little floofy? Probably not, but it’s nice to imagine :)

  4. doomchild says:

    I was going to say that, too, but expected I’d go into mod lounge or at least the comment would be deleted. Glad to see I’m not the only one who found this post sad, not cute.

    Then again… give this cat a normal face and I’d snorgle it to death :/

  5. I’m pleased i’m not the only one that feels this way.

  6. You three are not the only one! I have seen pictures of the original Persians cats and they HAD noses just like other cats! I would like to see that EXTREMELY STUPID idea of what some cats should look like GONE PERMANTENTLY! (Sorry for the yelling, but I get so mad about this.)

  7. I read Mary(the first)’s and hilz’s blogs, along with your four, and I’m thinking, am I the only one who actually has FALLEN IN LOVE with this cat? I mean, who CARES if it has a silly disease? It shouldn’t be treated any differently? It is not being treated “special”, just because it’s on CO. So what if it has a disease? It is still adorable! None of the other kittens who are featured on CO are “special”! Just because it may have a disease isn’t a reason to “get so mad about this” or “not be a fan”.

  8. Scratch what I said about hilz. Sorry. I didn’t notice out of my rant that he hadn’t said anything offensive. I’m sorry if I offended you. The other five people, not you hilz! I would love to believe what you said too.

  9. My question is about those eyes. Those pupils don’t look normal. Almost like he’s got those Anime Contact Lenses.

    And I suspect he spends more monthly on a groomer than I spend in a year getting my hair done.

  10. I’m a groomer and a bit suspicious that this is a Persian shaved down/hand scissored. Similar to the Pomeranian BOO that was the RAGE. He was hand scissored.

  11. Katherine C says:

    OMG!!! Can anyone tell me what breed is Snoopybabe?

  12. Thank you jw,that’s what I was gonna say…. You said it much better. Poor beastie..

  13. :P. I couldn’t help noticing the disapproving dog from the previous post! LOVE IT!

  14. phred's mom says:

    Howsomever, the puir wee beastie
    is very snorgleable. The Chinese
    are apparently challenging the Japanese
    in the kitteh and clean house competish.
    I give in both contests.

  15. I don’t approve of the deliberate breeding of flat faced cats, either. Having said that, Snoopy is obviously well cared for…and has a gorgeous tail :)

  16. It’s just a breed… com’n people….I think you’re utterly adorbs, snoopy!

  17. It’s a beautiful kitteh obviously very well cared for. I agree with Ffanffan….snoopybabe is floofular and majestic. <3

  18. They brought on a pure blk. one on a Chinese talk show video i saw. Someone is breeding these.

  19. The cheeks!! The striped bushy tail!!! **faint

  20. tailio ftw

  21. SlaveToCat says:

    soft, warm, and FLUFFYYYYY

  22. AARRGGHH !! The Eyes .. Stop the cute eyes .. help me …

  23. I LOVE that tail!

  24. jlamusings says:

    Yes! Awesome flurfy tailio! (and yes I did think some of the stuff the first posters wrote- comes from too many friends who work in vet medicine)
    For some reason, when I see cats with great tails, I find myself saying “Beautiful plumage!” in Michael Palin’s voice….. (not an ex-cat tho’)

  25. dogsleder says:

    Snoopy has lost a mitten. Does that mean only three pieces of pie instead of four tonight?

  26. that is one foxy tail~!

  27. mrgrnforever says:


  28. that’s chinese for “ded”, right?

  29. mrgrnforever says:

    no it means so cute I’m gonna die kinda

  30. If you don’t mind, could you spell it out in syllables showing how to pronounce it? This would be an excellent Chinese phrase for us International Cute-O-Philes to learn!

  31. mrgrnforever says:

    eh not me I know I don’t know enough about pronunciation but the Chinese ping ying is meng si le

  32. mrgrnforever says:

    it’s also like Japanese for “moe”

  33. YUK.

  34. Perhaps it will disappear soon.

    And the tail looks familiar, too… hmmm…

  35. Well that’s not very nice evie! Is that something about the cat? Also, Sharpy, are you TEASING the Snoopybabe and saying she’s like Chesire Cat? Don’t you people have hearts?

  36. Something deep and dark inside me says someone is trying to get a cat food contract. Damn you, Grumpy Cat!

  37. From the tail, I think it’s a disguised tanuki.

  38. He looks like Seth from Looper when he dies.


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