Sir Lucifur Fluffypants (A Day In The Life)

8:07 [I get out of bed, and who do I see in the front yard? The Dog from next door. Register my disapproval. No effect. Will plot revenge later.]


9:14 [Try to drain this thing of all its contents. Unsuccessful.]


10:31 [Hoomin uses me as a computer shelf. Will plot revenge later.]


12:00 [Lunchtime. I think.]


13:14 [Offline.]


15:47 [Still offline.]


16:21 [More of the same. What, you expect jumping jacks or something?]


16:22 [Gaaaa. Hoomins wake me and dress me up. Some sort of curious tribal ceremonial ritual. They’re enjoying themselves. Sad, really. They must not -want- their curtains. Will plot revenge later. #Payback.]


18:18 [Dinner. I think. I can haz steak?]


20:30 [Sacktime.]

From SLF’s FB.



  1. First off – I could watch this kitty every day and never be bored! ;D Secondly, does anyone know what computer brand that is? I really like it.

  2. Awesome. Looks like a good day to me… 😀

  3. Think it was Apple, some of Air 🙂

  4. Sooooooo cute!!! (The computer is a CatIntosh)

  5. That’s adorable, more stories please 🐱

  6. Perfect captions to the pictures! Hilarious.

  7. Loved that face and this post.

  8. Thanks, Sir Lucithifur Fluffypants, I now have a lithp. My fault for trying to say it 5 times fast.

  9. Gorgeous!

  10. I love this guy’s style!

  11. That name is perfect.

  12. Oh thank you!

  13. Lol!

  14. Thank you! I kinda thought it might be a Mac but the dark finish threw me. Fancy.

  15. “Will plot my revenge later” is going to be my new catchphrase. Thank you, Brinke!

  16. 😆 Same here, Marie 😆 AWW 😀 Sir Lucifur Flufflypants WILL get his revenge on all those things those humans did to him 😀

  17. This was one of the BEST posts I’ve EV-AR seen here on CO! I’m cracking up at the pics and the captions – ‘specially the plot the revenge later ones!!!! Nailed it, fer sure!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Now to find a tissue to dry the Laughing Tears……..

  18. Yes he will…when he’s maybe not so tired, lol!!

  19. Yup, it’s a new MacBook Air – that’s my lap! Lucy is my roomie’s kitty. 🙂 And so far, he hasn’t gotten his revenge for the dress… the longer he waits, the more fearful we grow…