Duck, Tootie, Duck!!

No doubt you’ve heard about the huge Yellow Duckie that’s making the rounds. This from Brooke H.: “My dog Tootie really enjoys the rubber duck floating in downtown Pittsburgh!”

Check out more images at artist/creator Florentijn Hofman’s site.



photo 4

photo 5






Video and thumbnail from Pittsburgh First four images are from Brooke, with the others spotted on Design via The Buzz.



  1. the giant duckster makes me feel very calm and relaxed. Makes me smile. Go duckster!

  2. I love that duck every time he pops up around the world! I hope he pops up in the Toronto harbour sometime soon!

  3. Dog Lover says:

    What could be friendlier than a giant rubber duckie? Well, a giant rubber duckie with a sweet Tootie!! 🙂

  4. It doesn’t look like it- I emailed the artist’s website and they wrote back today with this response: “It’s in Beijijn, Pittsburgh and Kaosiung now and it will go the 26th of Oktober to Taoyuan.”

  5. ScoutsMom says:

    And it’s brought lots of luck to the Pittsburgh Pirates while sitting outside PNC Park. Over 20 years without being in the playoffs and all of a sudden We Are Back! GO BUCS!

  6. What are bucs? I thought Pittsburgh’s pro sports teams were Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates. Aren’t the bucs the Tampa football team?

  7. another nickname for them, the Pirates are known locally as the Bucs/Buccaneers. And Tampa fans might wonder if their team IS an NFL team.

  8. OooooooOooohh!

  9. phred's mom says:

    Indeed. The NY Giants, as well.

  10. That dog looks THRILLED about that giant duck toy.

  11. yay! I was hoping the Duck in Pittsburgh would make it onto CO!!!! It is as cute & happy in person as you think it would be…and on “launch night” there were TONS of people out and about in Pittsburgh to see the Duckie!

  12. Yes the duck is really here in Pittsburgh. It’s not photoshopped, etc. Trust me, it’s been Ducktacular!