You Too Can Live in the Lap of Luxury!

Are you bored with your job? Seeking an exciting career? Why not become a supervillain? The exciting life of a supervillain — travel, global extortion, working your own hours — can be yours when you enroll at the NTMTOM Institute for Supervillain Studies (NISS, which almost looks like HISS, which is what people do at supervillains, which just shows how jealous they are and how they’ll whistle a different tune once you unveil your orbiting laser death ray).

Hurry! The first 100 students get this authentic supervillain lap cat absolutely free!

Florence W. writes: “My cat Professor Beattie Claw (aka Bee, aka Bee-Bee-Cat) is permanently livid, yet extraordinarily cute. How does she do it? I’m not quite sure.”



  1. humminbirdie says:

    ooh, ooh! me! me! did i win the authentic super villain lap kitteh??!

  2. Smartypants says:

    She’s adorable! Uh, I mean menacing…very, very menacing. And sinister!

  3. #3 spot! Yay me! I am a lot further back in the Future Mrs. NTMTOM line!

  4. I’m IN! Spot #4 and looking for my supervillain lap cat! 3:) <- devil smile… extra credit? (or extra spervillain lap cat?)

  5. Shut up and take my money, NTMTOM!

  6. (OK. I have no money. But when I am a supervillian, you can get a cut of the first meeeelion dollars I extort.)

  7. Would it be so terrible to turn to evil to get this cat?

  8. OK, should my authentic supervillain lap catarrive before or aftee my authentic depraved Russian oligarch petite lap giraffe?

  9. Martha in Washington says:

    Upon graduating from NISS do we receive, along with a cat, our letters of induction into the Evil League of Evil?

  10. Clairdelune says:

    How can you tell when Bee Bee-Cat is happy? How does the target of that glare avoid feeling terminally guilty of everything?

  11. That hovertext SLAYS me.

  12. mindblown!!!

  13. I hope that the evil overlord list is mandatory reading! I suppose having a cute marmie spoils the whole evil overlord look, but is there a class on recruiting minions to follow you around with a lint roller?

  14. SlaveToCat says:

    Beatie Claw has recently accepted a position, at SandBox University, teaching Interpersonal Relations as a Customer Service Representative, after retiring from a 30 year career at the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

  15. I’ve been looking for a new career. Count me in, NOMTOM!

  16. “Puny human! How dare you enter my lair and insinuate that I am in any way cuddly and nice?? Now beg, BEG I TELL YOU, to bring me my tuna and cream before my afternoon nap!”

  17. Clearly the cat is the supervillain and the lap is an accessory.

  18. “Yes, Mistress” *bows and then comes back with tuna in a crystal bowl and cream in another crystal bowl*

  19. Catsquatch says:

    I thought the super villain WAS the cat…. o.O

  20. Always suspected that that white cat was the REAL mastermind and evil genius. The bald excuse of exposition was just the fall guy.