Caturday: And Then Along Comes Mary

“This is Lady Mary, being the little imp she is, hanging on the curtain. She is from a litter of 5 that I am fostering for Save the Animals Foundation in Cincinnati. Thanks for considering her for CO!” -Cathy O’B.




  1. That look of startled innocence (what, really, this isn’t okay?) is so classic. What an adorable baby.

  2. “you mean curtain hanging is frowned upon in this establishment ” ?

  3. The eyes! Haha.

    “Oh, I was not supposed to do dis?”

  4. “quilt it? yes, i’m trying to— oh, quit it.

    you really shouldn’t shout with food in your mouth.”

  5. Smartypants says:

    Too cute! It’s like an update of the old “Hang in there, baby” poster.

    Cathy, thank you for fostering!

  6. Playing cliffhanger..?

  7. Kari Callin says:

    Nice decorating color coordination! 😉

  8. The first word that entered my head looking at this wee darling was “Halp?” LOL Love the splayed back toes!

  9. What a beautiful litle kitty. Certainly going to climb up and steal hearts at some point.

  10. Tara Craze says:

    Haha this picture is hilarious! She looks as if she’s been caught red handed with those big eyes.

  11. You can see the entire family here:

  12. What a nervy little scrap! Is she named afterLady Mary of Downton Abbey? Carson said when she was little, she was “a guinea a minute.” 😛

  13. That should be yelled with great indignation

  14. Theresa, yes, entire litter was given names from Downton Abbey characters. Lady Mary’s name fits!

  15. AWW 😀 I would adopt the entire litter of kitties if I could 😀