Friday Haiku: Baby Can U Drive My Car?

No one’s said turtles
can’t drive an automobile
They just need small cars

“We saw this little snapper on a nature walk in the McMillan Marsh Preserve in Marshfield, WI.” -Cuteporter Missy S.



  1. I like turtles!

  2. Wow. That takes me back. 😉

  3. I liked the fact that you put an object beside it to give us an idea of its size. Even at this size I would watch my toes….

  4. “A convertible”
    That’s what the turtle asked for
    “Make it a hard top”

  5. 260Oakley says:

    Traffic is crawling
    Because some key-routes are blocked
    By rocks in the road

  6. The Christo installation
    Was provocative
    As I expected

  7. Happykittybunnypony says:

    I love how their key looks like it’s been chewed on…