Flashback Friday

Well what can we say except, pop ’em in your mouf before they melt!

Philippe Halsman (1948)
From the internet, ♪ ♫ like a cat, over troubled water♪ ♫



  1. emmberrann says:

    Hello, Dali!

  2. No one quite like Salvadore Dali.

  3. Malle Babbe says:

    I just want to point out to folks that this photograph was created before Photoshop!

  4. This cracks me UP!! Oh man, he must have been a gas to be around.

  5. Yup, the photographer actually had people tossing cats and water. Repeatedly. We can only hope they got some great treats afterwards.

  6. Gasp, you just reminded me I forgot to give my a pup a treat after her bath yesterday. dashes off…

  7. Yay, my favorite artist, doin’ something crazy-awesome with critters. Did you know he also had a pet anteater that he used to walk through New York? There are pictures on the Internet, somewhere, if you are curious.

  8. I did not know that 😀 Thank you for the information, roketto 😀 I hope he gave those kitties lots and lots of cuddling afterwards 😀