Classic Meg Rewind: January 16, 2007

(bird) ‘Tocks Up!

When things got you down
and you got a perma-frown it’s

‘Tocks Up!
(bird) ‘Tocks Up!

When everything sucks
and your pockets have no bucks it’s

‘Tocks Up!
‘Tocks Up!

When you sleep through the alarm
and Grandpa bought the farm it’s

‘Tocks Up!
(in this case bird) ‘Tocks Up!

Sing it with me, People! (and William B.T.!)



  1. Dat’s what I’m ‘tockin’ about!

  2. Birds don’t actually have ‘tocks, since their legs are more on the sides of their torso, like a lizard. No cleft between glutes! What we’re looking at is what some people call the pupik.

  3. I see
    I see.