Which Way Do I Go? Which Way Do I Go?

Oh boy oh boy.

Wuhl jeez thanks a lot, thanks a lot.

I knew I shoida toined left at Albaqoikee

“I think this wooly bear catapillar is rather cute.” Angela M.



  1. Wooly bully!

  2. I saw one that was running as fast as it could down the middle of the sidewalk! Yes,I herded it off to the grassy verge..

  3. That’s going to be one h*ll of a winter up North this year.

  4. OMGWOOLYWORM!!! *splode*

  5. I had one of these crawl in my sleeping bag camping, and I didn’t know he was there until I laid down. YOWEE! I had the impression of that ‘lil booger on my leg and my leg was on FIYAH for 2 days. So folks please don’t put to much pressure on one of these lovelies if you wanna touch.

  6. Are you saying they sting/bite? Who knew…

  7. Smartypants says:

    Hi ceejoe, I think some people are sensitive/allergic to their bristles.

  8. Teresa in TN says:

    Love the Bugs Bunny reference

  9. I love Woolly bears… I lived in Michigan when I was a child and they were always so cute. they do not live out west or I have never seen them. so I am enjoying the cuteness. and Angel is it the width of their middle section that determines the length of winter or how high up the tree they make their chrysalis for how deep the snow will be or something like that?

  10. Ah. Thanks for the info!

  11. I’m glad I’m not the only one that does this. I see various small animals crawling on the sidewalk at tech school and I just have to herd them off into the grass. I’ve gotten some funny looks for that behavior but I don’t want anyone to step on them.

  12. I think it was determined that the width of the middle section is affected by how bad LAST winter was.

  13. Martha in Washington says:

    My sister seriously swerves to the side of the road to avoid running over one with her car! Which can be quite dangerous considering how many can be on the roads this time of year! 😯

  14. It’s like the teeniest, tinest car wash brush!

  15. Martha in Washington says:

    It can be quite painful to be hit with one when it is thrown by your irritating little brother, too! (Yes, this is experience talking.)

  16. I do the same thing! Just can’t help it. Love those little buggers!

  17. LOL considering last winter was horrific.. that makes total sense. Interestingly I think the west coast is going to have a LONG wet winter if indicators can be believed. I live on the California Coast

  18. lisaLASSIE says:

    I also rescue little critters on sidewalks (and streets if safe). Usually I’m too impatient to herd them, and just pick them up and find a safe place to put them. I have a friend who does it too: so there are a few of us.

  19. In Michigan we used to tell how bad (cold, etc.) the winter would be by the width of their brown section. If the middle was wide (like this one), the winter would be really cold, snowy, and long. If the middle was not so wide, the winter was milder. Some of those old husband’s tales were based on decades (if not centuries) of observation and experience. So, these little guys predict this year’s winter, not the last one. Brrrrrr.

  20. Looney Tunes, all the way!

  21. Or an old fashioned shoe polisher

  22. Woolly caterpillars might be the only cute caterpillars that exist.

  23. Funny. Here in Maryland I’ve heard, pretty consistently, that the more black they have, the more snow there will be. But in years that I’ve seen entirely black woolies without a brown bristle on ’em, we’ve had no snow at all, so I put no faith in the tale.
    Maybe that’s because your version is the correct one!

  24. Very cute. Wooly bear caterpillars turn into Isabella tiger moths though. It’s very cute now, but I don’t like moths.

  25. I’m with you there. It’s hard to recondition yourself.

  26. Lois Lane says:

    Me too! But the correct spelling is “shuuda”……!