The Hunt For Red ‘Tocktober*

(*Hovers in RIP tribute to Tom Clancy.)

“I look this photo on Sunday at Grist Mill Farms in Glenmoore, PA.” -Lauren P.


“Buddy’s furry ‘Tocks enjoying the view.” -Ali Y.


“Here’s Billy! He’s my sister-in-law’s adorable little puppy and look at his ‘Tock! I hope he’s showing enuff ‘Tock for CO!”-Valérie from Montréal.



“I submit for your approval a ‘Tock Shot of my girl, Dylan, on the beach in Santa Cruz, CA. She even kept her naughty bits hidden for the occasion.” -Eileen H.




  1. No tocks from Montana? I would have liked to have seen Montana…..tocks.

  2. My sweet puggle butt made it on Cute Overload!!! Thanks for sharing her ‘tocks 🙂

  3. No papers.

  4. Cute ‘tocks from Montréal! *waves hello to possible neighbor*

  5. Yay! Billy made it on CO, i’m so happy 😉
    *waves to Miyu* 🙂

  6. twocityshibas says:

    ‘tocktober is my favorite month of the year. Thanks CO!!!