Bug Loff

My true bug loff. We always see bug eye to bug eye. Weel you bug marry me?

How do I loff thee? Let me poke your eye.

Do you, bug, take bug to be your bug? If so, answer, eye do.

You may kees the bug.

This off da charts Beady Eye Factor brought to you by  Daily Mail online



  1. only cute overload can make BUGS cute. love it.

  2. If it’s not already, a rule of Qte needs to be “If it has a natural perma-smile, it’s cute.” Unless it’s a creepy smile. But these aren’t creepy 🙂

  3. Hmmm…somebody leaked the production shots from the next A Bug’s Life movie!

  4. I was immediately hearing Jonathon Harris in my head.

  5. Gorgeous.

  6. Can’t find the mouf parts