BOO! From Joey And Jamie, Y’all*

Deep in the heart of Cain-Tucky, there’s an artist of note named Sarah B. Will you check out these Puppeh-Punkins???


“Hello! This is Joey and Joey’s neighbor friend Jamie – Made him a pumpkin too because they are best friends! He’s a super sweet, older doggie, and only Joey’s friend because he is deaf. Thank y’all* for your time!”


  1. Wait – who’s deaf – Joey or Jamie?! They’re both adorable! And the pumpkins are awesome!!

  2. Hello, Sarah B. here! I’m sorry – It’s Jamie who is deaf! We think that’s how he puts up with Joey’s constant chatter! :)

  3. Love the pumpkins and the Dogs too. Cuteness all around.

  4. Thank you! :)

  5. very cute. Of course, anything with a Sheltie is automatic cuteness factor for me, I have 2 at home & now I want a pumkin with them on it too! Hope the kiddies aren’t too scared of those pumkins when they come for their treats on Halloween!

  6. We are in love with Jamie – It’s our neighbor’s mini Sheltie and he is a doll :) Bet yours are too! – Sarah B.

  7. I was confused about who is deaf as well. Glad the buddies got their pumpkins on; what talent!

  8. after thinking about this some more, my theory is that Jamie is deaf, and since Joey is a beagle and likely barks/howls alot, maybe that’s the only way Jamie can stand being Joey’s friend, since he can’t hear all the howling… :)

  9. I think Joey is a basset hound. I don’t know as much about bassets, but, over the years, my family has been owned by three beagles. Bassets are cute, but beagles are cuter (she says completely without bias).

  10. Bassets howl, too. My friend’s neice has a bassett hound/lab mix, and when she “talks” too much she starts to lose her voice and sounds like a seal. :)

  11. You are correct! And Joey is a little basset hound but they look similar to Beagles! :)

  12. Martha in Washington says:

    Yay for BFF’s! And punkins! And artists from Ken-tuck! And especially for the wiki-link explaining that y’all is, in fact, PLURAL!!! (one of my most annoying pet peeves!)

    Kentucky Woman now in Washington

  13. I thought “y’all” was the singular form, and “all y’all” was the plural

    (I have southern roots, but I’ve been a midwesterner all my life.)

  14. ScoutsMom says:

    In Pittsburghese, the plural form of “you” is “yinz” as in “Hey, yinz go’in dawntawn ta watch da game n’at?”

    Pittsburgh, PA

  15. Did you check out the link for y’all? The wikipedia article actually mentions yinz. :) It also mentions you guys, which is what we say here in lovely mid-MI. :)

  16. Or youse guys. :mrgreen:

  17. phred's mom says:

    “You guys” is distressingly common in the East,too.

  18. phred's mom says:

    In Philly, it’s yiz (plural), a local “youse”.

  19. I drove by that Florence Mall thing a million times, I always thought it said “Florence, VALL.”

  20. Please check out his Tumblr if you want to look at his rotund hiney some more! :) – Sarah B.

  21. I am in hysterics over his Tumblr! Did you write all that, Sarah B?? You really should be working for Someecards or a site like this one! Love that puppy dog.

  22. Is this the Joey of ‘Beware’ fame?

  23. Why yes it is! :) – Sarah B.

  24. I think that IS that Joey of Beware fame! LOVE that face and that pumpkin!!!

  25. Sassypants says:


  26. He is wearing shorts if you glance *ahem* between his legs. The dogs on the other hand most definitely have no pants on.

  27. emmberrann says:

    As it should be. *nods approvingly, and adjusts pince-nez*

  28. Hi SassyPants, My mother is indeed wearing shorts! :) – Sarah B.

  29. phred's mom says:

    Leggo the pearls, s’okay.

  30. sabrina rose says:

    The dogs and their pumpkin portraits are gorgeous!! The “pantless” man is rather a shocker unless one follows Ffleur’s suggestion. Summers are hot in Kentucky!

  31. Laurie in KY says:

    You ain’t just wislin’ Dixie, it is hot, and HUMID in Kentucky!


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