THIS JUST IN: Maru + Hana In The Bathroom

The video clip text says “While I take a bath, Maru and Hana are relaxed on the cover of bathtub.” This brings up two questions.

1.) Mugumogu takes her videocamera…into the tub?
2.) What’s a “bathtub cover?”



  1. The bathtub cover is a Japanese thing. Traditional Japanese bathrooms had large wooden tubs with a wooden cover. I guess this is what a cover for a modern tub looks like 🙂

  2. “bathtub cover” refers to the lid of the bathtub. In Japan, baths are used for relaxing, not washing, and is kept full. One washes in the shower first, then soaks in the bath. I suspect the cover keeps out debris and prevents evaporation. See

  3. Looks like they like each other

  4. Bathtubs in Japan are more like soaking tubs. You shower before getting in, so you are already clean. No soap allowed in the tub. The tubs have insulated covers to keep the heat in, so several family members may soak over the course of a day.

  5. They love each other. I wonder if Hana will get as big as Maru

  6. i think when your animals are as cute as those two, you have to be willing to make the sacrifice of having your camera on you 100% of the time.

  7. Like Silk said above. The bathtub covers has similar mechanism to roller doors normally used in shops/garages. So it rolls out and rolls in, over the tub to keep the water under it warm.

  8. Love the mega-yawn at 1:23. 🙂

  9. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Hard to imagine. As it is now when she started licking The Round I thought “you’re gonna be there a while, miss dainty-tongue.”

  10. Clairdelune says:

    And the cover is nice and warm, just right for two sleepy kittehs. (The rest of the house gets a little chilly in the winter, none of the homes I was in had central heating.)

  11. Clairdelune says:

    These two have such nice, relaxed personalities. I had two kittehs around the same age and they fought constantly until the older one died, maybe from stress. 😦

  12. Clairdelune says:

    Me too – made me yawn also! 🙂

  13. Awwwww, Hana is so cute. I love the pointy face and big ears. And His Thickness is such a sweet big brother–I’m glad he has one of his own kind for company.

  14. Me three! Whenever that happens at my house, I feel compelled to yell, “Big pink yawn!” I dunno . . . just seems like the occasion needs to be marked somehow.

  15. Maru is on board finally 🙂

  16. Smartypants says: companionable! I love how they both stop & look up around 1:08 like “whut?,” then…groom some more.

  17. You lick my back, and I’ll lick yours.

  18. Why of course it does!

  19. Hana is so delicate and pretty and Maru is so rotund and …..Maru.

  20. upinalather says:

    Well, everyone, pack up the Internet and go home. There can’t possibly be anything cuter out there today. My heart exploded from that. Dear god, the cute!

  21. Reading the word “yawn” too many times made me do it. Is that weird?

  22. My new fave Maru video >:3

  23. Awh.. Obviously The Round has come around to Strange Creature. 😉

    I love these two! 🙂

  24. Ack, this is so bloody cute! I love how they exchange little lickies like good fur-siblings should.

    PS. Bathtub covers also help keep the water hotter longer too, since the water is re-used for soaking by other members in the family (as was noted) in a night.

  25. When I catch one of the buns in a jaw-breaking yawn, I have to shout “Big, pink bunny yawn!” (To their eternal disapproval) 🙂

  26. AWW 😥 I am so sorry to hear that, Clairdelune 😥

  27. I say “Oh, what a BIG yawn for such a tiny kitten” even though both cats are NOT kitten size at all 😀

  28. AWW, I know, Juno 😀 Hana and Maru look so happy together 😀

  29. phred's mom says:

    Methinks it would also keep the
    water from cooling off as quickly.
    I like the concept.

  30. I think that if you could shorthand Maru with a circle, you could shorthand Hana with a triangle 😉

  31. Several family members … that is a little weird. Even after a shower my brother never was clean enough for me to consider something like that even if we had owned such a bath tub. But Iike to loe around in the tub now that I am living alone.

  32. True. I have 2 toms aged 2andahalf years and 5 months… One moment it’s licks and cuddles and the next second it’s fight to the death. I am concerned that the older one is seriously unhappy about the baby (who will be the heavier and stronger one in perhaps two or three months) …

  33. Too sweet. And I learnt something…seems that inn the winter I bathe Japanese style. Shower then soak in a nice warm tub.

  34. ShazzaNorth says:

    As a wise person once explained to me, if the fights are not terribly violent (that is – no blood, urine, etc.), then it is what happens later that is important. If they can be found a half an hour later looking out the same window or sleeping in the same room – then things are fine. If one hides and won’t come out for hours than you have a problem.

  35. I hear I thought I was the only one that commented on kitteh yawns. I also like using the ‘Big yawn for a little kitty.’ phrase.

  36. I’m glad to see Maru is happy with his new companion. At 0:34, Hana’s all, “Dude, it’s my turn. Lick my head.”

  37. I say, “Oh Yawnzie!” whenever I see my cat yawn. Every. Time.

  38. Then we should be allright. No hiding is going on and they do not mind being in the same room. They sometimes fight over food and the red dot… That is, the older one hisses while the youngster ignores him.

  39. even though there was no sound I could still hear the purring. Best auditory hallucination evah!

  40. hah! I always say “such a big yawn for such a little cat!”