It’s ALSO National Walk Your Dog Week!

We all know ‘Tocktober kicked off yesterday, but the 1st was also the start of National Walk Your Dog Week! So get that leash off the peg on the wall, and head on out there with the puppeh of your choice! Like these two furballs!

“This is Chelsea and Toby. Toby tends to get upset he’s so small next to Chelsea :).” -Sarah L.



  1. Toby is helping! What a good doggie!

  2. Martha in Washington says:

    I walked my new goggie Pippin over to the school yesterday so he could meet his new BFF for the first time! (It went swimmingly, btw!)

  3. Walking dogs is good for you and the dog… Bonus FUN!

  4. yay for a new doggie. Congrats to both you and the pupster.

  5. My god, I think Chelsea is a red Bernese mountain dog. That’s super-rare… and gorgeous! She should meet Melvin here.