‘Tocktober 2013: The End

People, we’ve come to not only the end of Halloween, but the end of ‘Tocktober! We thank you for the many terrific images you sent in! These photos seems to wrap up ‘Tocktober pretty well:

“Padme ‘Hamie’ Dala says farewell to a lovely month of ‘Tocks. Thank you C.O.” -Susan G.

“Being that Tocktober’s ‘end’ is tonight, I figured that I better get this in. I used to take photographs for the website of our local Humane Society and this little dude was having none of it.” -Mike B.

A Prosh Porker Posterior, from Cuteporter Terri D.

“Hello, this seems like a good transitional picture from ‘Tocktober to Nosevember. My dog Tokoloshi (Toko for short) doing her best ‘Firefox‘ impression. Toko was rescued from our local shelter in 2011. Photo by her hoomin CDM, (me) who has been visiting Cute Overload daily for years and years. Thanks C.O. for your site- it’s great!!”

CDM is right! We kick off NOSEVEMBER in just a little while. Stay tuned! W00t!


Um, We Were Saving the Best for Last?

Here it is Halloween and we reckoned CO had a great month of squee-worthy treats. Hmm, but there was a haunting feeling something was missing…. Then we felt the disapproving stares… Uh-oh, that’s it! We only posted two Halloween buns so far! Eeek! Here’s two more.

Good evening, Mr. Thor, love the winged helmet.

Hello there, and whooo are you?

“Here’s my bunny, Bindi Loo, dressed as “Thor- Bun of Thunder” for Halloween. He thinks he looks pretty tough.” -Stephanie G.
“My 5 year old daughter, June, wanted our bunny Bunbun to be an owl for Halloween! I took this picture in my studio! Bunbun is 6 months old, and is a sable point Holland Lop. We look at Cute Overload everyday and LOVE it!” -Natalie F.

Have a Milo Good Halloween

Which is the best part of Halloween? The costumes or the candy? With Milo in costumes it’s like getting both at the same time…!

Thank You for sending this to CO, Anita (<—Milo’s Mom)! Get more Milo eye candy via YouTube.

Boo! Look Into My Eyes, Hoomin

Not saying this sweet lil’ kitteh could/would put the Super Mega Voodoo Whammy on you tonight or anything….but I wouldn’t make her mad, either.



From Derpycats.

Happy Halloweenie From Lentil Beanie!

[I haz wear flower pot tonight?]

Yes, Lentil. You do.

Thanks to Lindsay C.

Have A Great Halloween In Brisbane, Mate!

Halloween isn’t very big in Australia, but here’s George waiting for trick or treaters!” -Rohan V.

photo 2

Om Nom Nom: Mmmm, O+

[Come closer, hoomin. I veel not bite you. Probably. I know I look like a kitteh but tonight I turn into a Werewolf of London.] Cue Warren Zevon.

“Happy Halloween from my petite Bat-Cat, Larry David. He tries to keep his fangs concealed, but he just can’t.” -Kate M.

Gulliver Loffs Pumpkins

So, this is what a pumpkin looks like?

image (2)
So, this is what a pumpkin tastes like. Nyang, nyang, nyang.

image (1)
Sadie’s all, “You know this is just a phase… it’ll pass.”

“Here are photos of our dogs Sadie, and Gulliver (the Leonberger puppy).  I was trying to get a nice shot of them together with the pumpkins, but Gulliver thought the pumpkins looked too tasty to resist!  He thought he was being sneaky in trying to get a bite.” -Christina V.

I’m a Little Teapot, Trick or Treat…

Now I just need some cups — peanut butter cups, if you got’em!

Via Reddit.

Tonight’s Gonna Be A Thriller!

There’s something at the front door! Go see!

“This is my cat Līzīte (Lizzie) saying hi from under the sofa. Don’t worry, she doesn’t have trouble getting out of there.” Sincerely, Anna from Latvia