These Catwalks Go One. Step. Beyond!

Earlier on CO we featured some fantastical doghouses and now we have some cat-centric designs that are awesometastic. Amazing inspiration a’plenty here!

House Designed for Cats by Asahi Kasei




Willy and MC of Brooklyn, New York, built this custom made staircase and platform called the “Kitty Loft” for their pets Miles and Atila.

Schuyler Samperton designed this fantastic cat shelves and stairs

Russian design studio Mojorno designed the Catissa four-story cat house.

Oakland, California-based design-build studio Because We Can built this steampunk-inspired cat tube


Diane Less Baird and Polly Wardle’s “Tree of Marie” cat tree – a 24 foot high, $100,000 cat tree with 36 branches named after donor Marie Stillings.

4 of 9 of Bob Walker and Frances Mooney’s cats – check out all of their house in the video below!

For all the neat deets go to Neatorama.

Want to see more outrrageousness?

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  1. I love that house designed by the Japanese designer – my dream house. I should just show up unannounced with plans to move in.

  2. Ooh, printing some of these pix—I have 3 bored kittyboys and ridiculously high ceilings (townhouse) and lots of wall space…

  3. Some of these are awesome. Kittehs LOVE to be up high!

    I loff the leetle gray dangling kitten in the 3rd pic from the top on the right. Awwn.

  4. Well now, those pictures just look like a whole bunch of fun.

  5. Fantastic!

  6. And here I thought I was obssessed … OK, I feel saner now 🙂

  7. I love my cats but I’m spending more $ on the people renovations than the feline ones.

    The cat is not getiting a catio before before I get a patio! I want a bookcase some day for MY books, not just cushioned sleeping perches for kitties.

  8. The Tree of Marie is from Angels for Animals in Canfield, Ohio, where we adopted our Aurora Borealis Sassafras Von Scissor Paws!

  9. As far as Bob Walker’s and Frances Mooney’s treatments: Jaye & I actually did our first house up like that, inspired by The Cats’ House, but in our own way. Maybe not QUITE so much jewel-tone paint & Dia de los Muertos. But I built an awesome system of cat ramps, with trapdoors and lily pads and a kite house and pass-throughs and carpet-covered walkways. That was in the ’90s, many houses ago. (And that’s not counting the human-size updates, like the Ladybug Shed, with working wing-shutters.)

  10. Now Mr. Bounce is the only kitty left who might remember it, and he was just a kitten at the time, from a litter across the street.

  11. Sharon Wilson says:

    (Looks on top closet shelf)–NO KITTEH! (sneef)

  12. whawhawhatsis says:

    That giant cat tree is spectacular! Oh, how my Emily would love it — she’d probably only come down for meals, if then!

  13. Do you hire out? I’m in Seattle…

  14. I want a Ladybug Shed with working wing shutters *pouty face*

  15. It’s putting me in mind of Jim Quilleran’s barn in “The Cat Who” series, with its cat ramps and high beams for KoKo and YumYum to play on. I’m also eyeing up the corner above my desk, with a view to hanging cat sleeping boxes. Do I have an office cat? No, but as the wise man said in Wayne’s World 2, “Book them and they will come.”

  16. As a practical accountant-type multi-cat person, I need to ask: How do they clean those high up places???

  17. I wish I had money to make my house over into a kitteh paradise like these. The tree is spectacular even on its own. But I would need to make it out of steel to hold the weight of my spherical orange tabbeh. 😀

  18. With your cats, or will you just take over the cats too??

  19. Me and about 423 cats too.

  20. I got this stuck in my head when I saw the title:

  21. Heh. Sorry, going back home to Minnesota. Seattle’s good, though.

  22. what an amazing kitten name!

  23. AWW 😀 I am so glad that you are able to give a kitty a loving forever home, Andrea 😀 I just LOVE her name “Aurora Borealis Sassafras Von Scissor Paws” 😀

  24. Same here, Saffron 😀 When I win the lottery of several million dollars (Canadian), I would do the same thing so the cats I adopt will live out their lives in a loving forever home of the kitty paradises shown in these pictures 😀