Sweet! Thank You So Much

Man, this is great. I LOVE flowers!


CO Pet-Safe Reminder: Lots of plants are toxic and best kept out of pets’ reach! 
“Hi there, I thought you’d like to know that George, the chocolate border collie, has just celebrated his Fourth birthday on the weekend just gone, and he is now properly grown up. Thanks for making us smile each day.”  -Rohan and Dave



  1. George: “SQUIREL”-favored cake .. my favorvite !!

    HB Pup !

  2. Hey, my birthday was this past weekend, too (Saturday, September 28). It’s good to know that I shared it with such a handsome fellow. Many happy returns of the day to you, George!

  3. P.S.–I am significantly older than George, even if we convert George’s age to human years.

  4. Yay! Happy Birthday George.

  5. Happy Birday, George!!! My, you are one handsome dude!!! 🙂

  6. Ummm…. Happy BirFday. 🙂

  7. It’s a good time of year for birthdays. My friend’s was yesterday and mine’s tomorrow 🙂

  8. All for one and one Happy Birthday for all!

  9. Happy birfday to Geoge and Berg! Many many many more!

  10. Thanks, Saffron!

  11. Happy early birthday to you, allein! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed mine and George enjoyed his!

  12. It IS a good time for birthdays, mine was last week! I think we were all New Year’s Eve conceptions…

  13. Awww! Just look at that adorable face. Reminds me of my ever smiling dog Popcorn! (RIP)

  14. Thanks! We did the family dinner thing yesterday. I got bookstore money and itunes money and money money that will probably get spent in the bookstore…

  15. I try not to think about that part 😉

    Happy Belated Birfday!