Hi-Who, Hi-Who, Off to Work I Gooo

Ah, Monday morning! Sun is shining, the smell of owl breath in the air.

The owl work week begins with owl keeses goodbye.

The working owl making it’s way to the owl office.

Waiting for the owl bus.

Checking the owl inbox.

Listening to owl presentation on owl business.

Working for a tough owl boss.

Owl work quitting time! Heading for owl home.

Stopping at Owl Mart to pick up owl stuff.

Hi Owl Honey, I’m home.

Keep up the good work My Modern Met



  1. hOWLing with laughter. Mr. Owl walking to work almost had me on the floor. Thanks for the great start to my not-nearly-as-cute hoomin work week.

  2. What a nice thing to see on a Monday morning. Powlsitively owldorable!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. wOWLza that is a great record of a hard working owl. I wouldn’t want his boss staring me down!

  4. OWLmygawd! Might be the Best. Post. Evah.
    I look at my inbox that way too. He has the “Really? Surely can’t be serious…” look in his little owlie-eyes…

  5. Owls are my favorite avians. They are graceful, majestic, cute, and comedic all rolled into the same package.

  6. give a hoot. keep up the cute.

  7. She looks a little like she cuckowlded him.

  8. I love that picture too! He’s all ‘der-de-der, I’m off to work, der-de-der’, so jaunty and adorable!

  9. Owl Be thinking of this post Owl Day Long.

  10. Re: pic #4:

    (sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

  11. What an owlful boss to work for!! I’m just glad he has such a beautif-owl wife to come home to.

  12. OMG, they walk along so cute-ily! That is fantastic.

  13. sabrina rose says:

    Charming! Clever!! Hilarious!!! CO makes everyone’s day brighter!

  14. Aaaaah! I love burrowing owls! A bunch live near my dad, and now I can’t wait to see them again!

  15. Oh NO she DI-INT!

  16. I want to see him punch the clock.

  17. PPS: I love this more than anything.

  18. Okay, there just has to be a nuffer…The plural of “it” is “its,” with no apostrophe. Thank you for happy owl pictures! OWLS FOREVAH!

  19. I meant the POSSESSIVE of “it” is “its,” not the plural. I need my own personal stable of nuffers over here.

  20. It’s, it’s OK. Would you like some puddin’? Or would you like something stronger?

  21. ok .. Whhooo posted these ? *Grins*

  22. Mary (the tall) says:

    I thought the same thing…
    have your bus pass ready or people get annoyed.

  23. This is fantastic – well done!!! Beautiful owls too.

  24. I don’t like Mondays! (tell me why) I don’t like Mon-da-ays! I wanna twooo-whoo-ooo-ooo-hoot! The owl day down!

    Also, work isn’t all bad. Last week, for example, I had a long debate with the Admin Manager and the girl I’ve been flirting with who possibly works in Estates, about how you should pronounce ‘O RLY?’, backed up with a great deal of online research, on company time. And tomorrow, I will be sending them these owls, also on company time. So we in personnel say: thanks for the owls. Ya, rly.

  25. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Owls’ big google eyes make them surprisingly expressive. I love the kissy face in the second picture.

  26. Thank you for saying it first! Is it so wrong to want things to be right?

  27. Nice!

  28. Not wrong at all! But I will leave the apostrophe there. It is enjoying so much being the center of attention. You know how apostrophes are. (Napoleon complex!)

  29. phred's mom says:

    You win.

  30. I love the “walking” shots. So precious!

  31. Puddin’ sounds nice! Thank you! *nom nom nom nom*

  32. I can respect that the little guy is enjoying his moment in the sun. Sometime maybe we can have an extreme close-up of apostrophe, or maybe apostrophe tocks now that we are into Tocktober.