We Prefer “Pringles” If You Must Know

But these do just fine, too! OM NOM NOM NOM NOM. OK, everybody in the Conga Line!

“This was taken at a highway rest stop in the middle of Wyoming. Very friendly prairie dogs begging from passing travelers.” -Cuteporter Gary K. with his Kodak DC280 Zoom.


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ! (explodes into a glitter cloud)

  2. kibblenibble says:

    I like the leetol mouf and hands on the guy on the far right. Might make a nice COXCU (hint hint)

  3. I agree – the leetle guy on the right is so adorbs… and doesn’t he just know it! :)

  4. I tried for ya—but toooo blurry.

  5. kibblenibble says:

    Thank you, Brinke! :-)

  6. are they auditioning for the next over the hedge movie?

  7. Let see, cute wild prairie dogs eating junk food that they got by begging at a rest stop. 3…2…1… cue the nuffers.

  8. I scold my neighborhood squirrels whenever I see them eating bread, chips, crackers or tortillas, but I don’t scold the neighbors.

  9. Hey you little adorable freeloaders, those are Pringles :lol:

  10. Could be Lay’s Stax.

  11. No wetnappies for cleaning afterwards?

  12. Somewhere there’s park ranger facepalming.

  13. along with a co.com viewer. They are super duper cute, but would be even cuter eating some carrots or grass or whatever they eat naturally.

  14. And a concerned wildlife lover right here. Human food is really bad for animal buddies!!

  15. Human food shouldn’t be eaten by humans.

  16. Austin Starr says:

    yeah, human food should involve eating animals!

  17. Austin Starr says:

    no I mean SHOULDN’T involve eating animals.

  18. :)
    Including soylent green…

  19. Bad humans…failed to give a Capri Sun to wash those chips down with.

  20. SNicker you totally made me giggle!

  21. No wonder they’re so chubby, eating so much saturated fat day after day.

  22. see Gigi post above, re: nuffers

  23. those are actually normal sized prairie dogs. I am guessing they have not gotten too many chips yet.

  24. LAternate treats for wildlife if you just must… fruit, vegetables, raisins or dried fruit. a little bird seed you carry with you for just such an occasion.

  25. Oh, like the pet food that I keep in the back seat for those stray occasions.

  26. yes exactly.. LOL. I was just thinking we usually have healthy snacks with us so we give the wild life those for treats because well I saw some over fed ground squirrels at a campground once and since then I always only give animals real fruit or veggies etc because I love to share.


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