Om Nom Nom-inee For Best Name EVER

“I wanted to submit this photo of my sister Fiona and her boyfriend’s Fluffalicious Bebeh Bun, nicknamed Bubba Thump. I think he looks like Mr. Smee from Peter Pan – in the cutest way possible of course.” [Of course. -Ed] -Astrid K.




  1. Bunny bedhead! I lof eet.

  2. DewiCasGwent says:

    Looks bit like a Koala face?

  3. Bubba Thump is the most bestest bunny name ever.

  4. Squeeeeeeeeee! If he’s anything like MY Lionhead, that is a VERY appropriate name!

  5. Cue the camel – “Thump DAYYY!”

  6. that’s not a bunny, it’s a koala bear silly. Disguised as an adorable bunny 🙂

  7. OMG this is just too cute. I am officially Dead from the

  8. Looks just like my lionhead Maple with the same coloring. Little donkeh bunneh. Except she has an attitude and would bite me if I attempted to pose her this way. Meh.