O Hai I Can Haz Carrot Cake?

“After 7 long weeks, Pixel is out of his cast and, in celebration, we made him a puppeh cake (Basically carrot cake iced in peanut butter and topped with a Milkbone.) We took some fantastic pictures and thought we should pass the highlights on (more viewable on his FB page.) Enjoy!” -Claudia, Brett, and Pixel (the newly doctor-certified quadruped.)

pixel cake


pixel waiting


the first lick (1)




  1. His eyes!!!!! ^..^

  2. Oh Pixel, what a sweet puppy.

  3. Austin Starr says:

    oooooh so cute, so cute, so cute . . .

  4. I was just gonna remark of the eyes: it’s the whites, the WHITES, that keel me. Keel me I tell ya.

    P.S.- cake looks um num nummy

  5. My eyes would be huge like that too if someone made me a special birfday fudz

  6. Congratulashuns on getting rid of that nasty cast! Enjoy that cake, little man. You deserve it. 🙂

  7. Look at the eye capsules people! I am so glad Pixel is feeling better.
    But frankly I am a bit jealous…carrot cake (well, minus the meelk bone biscuit 🙂 ) sounds really yummy…. *stomach growls* 😀

  8. Love the pic third from bottom – Pixel is all “OMG PUPPEH CAAAAAAAAAKE!!??!!1!!”

  9. Awww isn’t he cute and congrats on being cast free Puppster