Don’t Be a Birdbrain! Get BudgieBrain!

Are you confused by your Internet friends? Do you grapple to grasp every new meme? Then you need BudgieBrain™, the portable thinking aid that memorizes the Internet so you don’t have to! Just put it on, and BudgieBrain quietly explains memes so you can look clever! With BudgieBrain on your head, nothing goes over your head!

Helen T. says: ”I am mama to a soon to be three-year-old lop rabbit named Smudge. His birthday wish is to be featured on your website! Cue your “awwww’s.”



  1. Happy birthday beautiful Smudge! 🙂

  2. Mary (the first) says:

    We don’t need a cue! Here ya go: Aaaawwwww!! Happy Birthday to Smudge, and hi to his pretty friend!

  3. Hare-akeet

  4. “Smudge” is great name! Happy B-day!

  5. Awww what could be cuter than a bunny? Why, a bunny with a budgie of course! Happy birthday Smudge! Hope you get lots of yummy carrots & greens. Please let a hooman blow out the candles on your birthday carrot, we don’t want those whiskers getting singed.

  6. Stuff on my rabbit!

  7. Awww Happy Birthday Smudge.

  8. Also Hmm I need a budgie for my brain also perhaps a parakeet like this bunny has