Today’s Special: Cat-cciatore

Pan-fried with tomato and onion, garnished with catnip.

“I took this picture of Kosmo a couple of winters ago,” says Georgette N. “I think he was trying to give me a not-so-subtle hint to turn on the heater.”



  1. Obviously the work of Dr. Pannibal Lectpurr.

  2. Oh my god – Kosmo looks just like my Al! I was trying to figure out where that photo had been taken.

  3. Kitty On A Hot Tin Pan! 😉

  4. In Roy Schneider voice: ” You’re gonna’ need a bigger pan”

  5. Fatal cat-traction, Glenn Close strikes again.

  6. eurekascarlet says:

    so cute

  7. You know you’re not much of a cook when your pets use the stove for napping.

  8. 😆 Yep 😆