Toebeans. Teddy Bears. Only In Japan. (Updated!)

Updated 2:50pm PT! – Headline’s all wrong! This is NOT merely A Japan Phenomenon. Just got this posted to the CO FB page:

“Hi there! We had some ‘Toe Bean’ action in Dublin, Ireland recently! Love you guys, been a huge fan of Caturdays & Bundays and lots of other days for like, ermagherd, like ages! Baroo to you!” -Neasa C.

Wow. That throws the whole Only In Japan theory right out the window. Must re-think entire concept.



People, this can’t wait ’til Toesday. ‘Sides, that’s ‘Tocktober 1st. This just happens to be a case of TOEBEANS WITH TEDDY BEAR FACES ON ‘EM. Only in Japan.













Photos from I Love Cat and RocketNews24.



  1. Mmmm toebeans!!!!!!!!!!!! =^..^=

  2. OK, the teddy-bear-on-the-toebeans is the very definition of REDONKULOUS.

  3. I don’t have a foot fetish or aversion by any definition. I don’t melt over cool shoes, I can live without pedicures…I pretty much ignore life below the ankles.

    So why do I go all melty and sappy over kitty toes? Seriously, why?

  4. Oh my gooooooood. The diagrams, to the best of my reading ability, are guides on the different toebean structures your kitty cat can have. The first one is called the “Rocket-shaped (middle) pad” I kinda just died of cute over here. X____xo

  5. And the next day the hoomins awake to find pictures of fish, chicken, and bowls of milk drawn on their foreheads.

  6. Do the different toebean structures indicate personality traits in your cat?

  7. *making a beeline to check out sleeping cat’s toebeans – they’re multicolored!*

  8. Just musing over my past three cats’ pads. Mimi had licorice-black pads; Stinky’s were a pristine pink; and Dante’s are pink and black.

  9. Sharon Wilson says:

    That kitteh is one sound sleeper!

  10. Teddybeans! My day is complete. Thanks, Japan.

  11. Smartypants says:

    Thanks for the translation! I had wondered if they were some sort of teeny palmistry charts.

  12. Mary (the first) says:

    Yeah, me too!! Why??

  13. Mary (the first) says:

    I thought maybe some kind of acupuncture or pressure point diagram .. thanks!

  14. As Sigmund Freud would have said,* “BOOBIES!!”

    *had he been a 21st century adolescent

  15. First one is “rocket” where the side nubbins are less than half the size of the middle part. Then “rice ball” where the nubbins are straight across. “Trefoil” – the middle part is recessed. “Rice” – nubbins are narrow. “Mt. Fuji” – the tip of the middle part is flat.

  16. Maiko Herajin says:

    Hehe! There’s a pun in the thumbnail. It says, “Teddy”, but the TE part is written so it means, “hand”! Hand Teddy! (:

  17. Updated! We got Ireland Teddybeans!

  18. Yes, they are analyzing the shape. In order they are: rocket-shaped, onigiri-shaped (onigiri are rice back snacks wrapped in seaweed), mitsuba-shaped (mitsuba is a plant), rice-shaped (the kanji for raw grains of rice), and lastly Mt. Fuji shaped. 😀

  19. How I never noticed the similarity to a teddy bear shape, I’ll never know.

    Oh maybe, I need to stop nomming them first.

  20. Holy cow. What just happened, people.

  21. AWW, how cute 😀