Save the Koala Month Round Up

September means spring time in Australia! And for the koalas, loff is in the air more than usual. You may remember koalas are having a hard time of it and September is Save the Koala Month. The good news is, this spring brings new hope for the cutest symbol of Australia. Aussies love the Cute! Check these links to read how Aussie landowners, wildlife biologists and the government Parliament want their koalas!







  1. I hope that the Save The Koalas month is more successful than the Save The Whales month they had a while back. I was saving whales in my broom closet – I tell you, by the end of the month it was getting tough to close the door. Then my neighbours complained about the smell, and the Dept of Health & Human Hygiene came over and took them all away – something about an environmental hazard. You can probably get more koalas in a broom closet than you can whales, but I’d recommend you tell your neighbours before you start saving them, just in case.

  2. *snerk*

  3. Oh nose! Dear leetle koalas and other Ozzie wild life. We’re coming into the driest and hottest part of the year right now, and so many of native species in the Ozzie bush, including koala, are at risk. Look after them all, Ozzies, look after them all. (Specially hoping that the first leetle girl gets through the summer in one piece. Bless!) Koalas are like the sloths of Australia, only less green.
    BTW we haven’t seen any bebeh sloth action for ever! Just a gentle reminder CO.

  4. “Release the drop bears!” Sorry, I couldn’t resist. It isn’t often I can use a comic book reference around here.*

    *See here for reference:

  5. I volunteer to stand under trees and catch any dangling koala I see.

    I hope our dear Ozzie “bears” get some attention to their cause too.