THIS JUST IN: Chicken Dance

Who knew Chickens could BREAK IT DOWN like this? (Well, I guess M-B did. Or their ad agency.)

From Alert Cuteporter A.J.L. as seen on Bored Panda.


  1. File that under WTH… 8O

  2. Bust a move!

  3. Quick, someone teach Nan that dance!

  4. Martha in Washington says:

    Ok..a couple things…
    1. who figured out that chickens could do that and how stoned were they?
    2. those chickens were showing some major disapproval at this assault on their dignity
    3. can someone loan me some money because I now desperately need a Mecedes

  5. 1. I remember watching a video some time ago (not an ad) with a chicken doing just that. It may have even been here at CO! And, having been around numerous chickens in my distant youth, I can assure you they were NOT stoned; despite (perhaps even because of?) their tiny brains, chickens can be surprisingly focused.
    2. Yes; household fowl can rival bunnies in disapproval any day of the week. But they also chirp and coo beautifully.
    3. You and me both…

  6. For those who have never witnessed the majesty of the Techno Chicken:

  7. Someone at Mercedes has a brilliant sense of humour. As an owner of 5 beautiful but naughty feathery girls, I can confirm that even a chicken has the power to condemn.

  8. Who knew I was missing such a thing from my life! Thank you fleur!

  9. WTF,even

  10. That’s almost as good as Disco!

  11. phred's mom says:

    No, no, the chickens were not
    stoned, the ad guys were,
    bless ‘em. Genius.

  12. phred's mom says:

    And they were straight.

  13. fleurdamour says:

    Techno Chicken, takin’ us into the weekend. ;)

  14. They were not straight, they were Bent. Twisted, even.

  15. Uh…. I may or may not be testing this theory on Clara the Chicken this weekend. *cough* She also looks just like those girls.

  16. That “thing” about chickens hipnotized by a string is true.

  17. I can’t believe I’ve never seen that–thanks for sharing, Fleur!

    And I too want to reward MB for hiring such a genius ad company. Maybe if I hire Sherlock to look under the couch cushions…

  18. Best car ad ever!!!!!! I want to sway and rock those adorable hens. Except, if I did, they would strongly disapprove of me…

  19. Disco Duck?

  20. Redonkulous ad!

  21. Well, yes… I considered that first. ;)

  22. Sharon Wilson says:

    It’s like their heads are fixed and their bodies move around them!

  23. It’s just a variant on the Rotate Your Owl meme.

  24. Here you go, and your welcome:

  25. lol I just posted that video as well, didn’t see yours!

  26. Heather Flowers says:

    Hoping they all go to good homes after the ad. Sorry for the downer. :/ Chickens are awesome!!! xoxox

  27. Who knew chickens were so flexible?

  28. Jenny Islander says:

    In related news, the incidence of new Mercedes owners losing control of their cars due to giggle fits within the first week after purchase rose dramatically . . .

  29. You can do this with a duck, too, and it’s even more impressive because of the ripple effect you get with the longer neck. But not with a goose. Geese won’t put up with this kind of tomfoolery.

  30. One of the very rare car commercials that doesn’t even show the car in question.


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