The Master Of Zen Gaspard wants to be left ALONE. Silly hoomin has a hairball.

From Cuteporters Camille and Louise. Video by Louise Molière. (Version Française Par Ici!)



  1. Such a beautiful baby!!


  3. sabrina rose says:

    I’m with Gaspard. His hoomin is annoyin’ and Gaspard should not put up with it!

  4. Agree with Sir Fluffmeister- hooman is annoying!

  5. (1) Gaspard exudes Gallic apathie as only a French cat could…

    (2) I hope Gaspard’s hooman had that cough checked – sounds bad!

  6. My fuzzy does the same thing!! Love that little bark.

  7. It’s interesting that in English Gaspar speaks that “cutesy baby talk” but in French he has perfect gown-up vocabulary. I think the French version is right.

    At least that’s what my feline overlords told me.

  8. purplepatch says:

    So funny! Probably payback for all those cold nose wake up calls at 3am.

  9. My fluffy cat sometimes gets so annoyed with me just because I dare brush against him accidentally. Now I know to have to keep my coughs and sniffles in check too.

  10. No Mr Bond. I expect you to die.

    Something tells me that the bald guy was just a puppet.

  11. Princess Fiona says:

    I feel the same irritation towards humans who cough incessantly.

  12. Sorry hoomins owned by Gaspard, the purring belied the printed words. FAIL!

    What a sweet little furball!

  13. Martha in Washington says:

    My Gemma makes those same noises every time I sneeze (which can be a lot during allergy season). I can never tell if it’s a “bless you” or a “do you have to do that” remark.

  14. Lille and Bubba's human says:

    Oh my! My cat, Bubba, makes those noises at me when I sneeze, too. (Even if I’m in the other room, I can hear him do it.) What weirdos!

  15. Sounds like his human has a cold!!!

  16. cute little face he makes to accompany the noises!

  17. this is exactly like my norwegian forest kitteh stella. she gets so irritated when she is disturbed while sleeping (which is always, natch). so so so adorbs.

  18. Sharon Wilson says:

    Will you quit with the cusswords already!? NOT cute! Kitteh knows how to say it without them!

  19. Clairdelune says:

    Gorgeous Gaspard should have his own room with a velvet-covered bed and a soundproof door. Really, his hoomin should have some respect for royalty.

  20. Clairdelune says:

    Well, the French words are even worse…. 😀 Downright insulting to his hoomin!!

  21. i thought that was the funniest part! really seemed to sum it up perfectly.

  22. Indeed, Clairdelune 😀