Stanley Doth Protest

We are sorry to announce our originally scheduled program Snausages Gone Wild, has been cancelled and is being replaced by the School of Collegiate Athletics Poetry Recital.

Via YouTube



  1. I am pretty sure this what I look like when I’m grading papers late at night! (I may be a tad less wrinkly, tho.)

  2. Love the little feets action

  3. Want to keep him up .. One word .. BACON !

  4. The feet flappage is adorable.

    Although I kind of wanted to watch Snausages Gone Wild 😀

  5. Why do you think dogs do this? Like for me it’s usually because I’m trying to finish a movie, or someone’s talking to me, or I’m in some socially sleep-inappropriate situation (class, bar, etc.). But why for dogs?

  6. My thoughts exactly! Dogs can get away with sleeping whenever and wherever they want – not so much for us humans…

  7. This reminds me of my dad. 😉

  8. Our bulldog was like this too-it was almost as if her head was so heavy she couldn’t keep it upright lol