Cute Overload is Eight Today!

Happy 8th Birthday, Cute Overload

Oh Mah Gah Swoon Squee Asplode!

Eight years of serving up Cutie Pies

OMGPONEEEZ Swoon *poit* plotz *dies*

Today we celebrate CO’s Qte-a-palooza.

Looks like we’re gonna need the defibberthingamadooza!





“Cupcake the cupcake.” –Lauriebird
“Jarvis P. Weasley!” -Josh Norem
“Hamsters first birthday cake.” –Dan Derrett
“Happiest dog ever.” via Reddit.
“Millie’s birthday!” –Chris Jennings



  1. Happy Birthday CO .. You don’t look a day over seven !
    # Points to pic 4 *GRINS* #

  2. Happy Birthady, Cute Overload!!!!

  3. happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday, CO,
    Happy Birthday to you. 😉

  4. Joyeux anniversaire! Je vous adore!

  5. Yay, happy birthday to the best site ever! Thanks for all of the fun and the qte.

  6. phred's mom says:

    …and many, many, many, MANY more!

  7. Congra-shul-EIGHT-shons!

    (Get it? Eight!)


    (That’s a very happy birthday, with love, from Pooh. And AuntieB.)

  9. May I join you, AuntieB.? In Polish translation (which is pure GENIUS, by the way) it’s: Z PĄWIĄSZĄWANIEM URORURODZIURODZIN (hope the Polish letters will get through) 🙂

  10. Happy Birfday to the best site on the interwebs! You are responsible for more smiles, giggles and awwwws than anyone I know. 🙂

  11. Of course you may!

    And I thought the English version was hard to pronounce! :mrgreen:

  12. In the square eight bells will toll!(Or however Master Shakes new birthday song goes.Now I have to send him the royalty)

  13. [ahem]

  14. From Singapore!

    Happy 8th Birthday CUTEOVERLOAD !!!!

    Love you ALL!!!

  15. Happy birthday, Cute Overload! Thank you for being a safe harbor of cute and good when the world is ugly and mean. Thank for the last eight years. Here’s to many more.

  16. Zee hamstairs, they ez keeling me! *thud*

  17. Hippo Birdy Two Yutes, CO! Thanks for being the curator of all things cute (the “cuterator”?), and many more Hippo Birdies to come!

  18. Happy birthday, and thank you for being you!

  19. Come back to your *real* job, Meg and Theo: we miss you!

  20. yeah what Southern Fried Pugs said!

  21. Happy birthday! I’ve been here for seven of the eight years. Thanks for adding all the cuteness and happiness into my life!

  22. happy birthday from Italy from me and old bunny nose-boop Arturo! 🙂

  23. Happy Birthday! Massage, Xanax, who needs it-when you’ve got this for stress relief.

  24. Hoppy bday fer sure. And also, the name JARVIS for an anipal? THUD.

  25. must have world’s happiest dog right now!!!! happy hatch day co!!!!

  26. Ha! I got all KINDS o’ real jobs, and more to come.

  27. I second that, Southern Fried Pugs and apegal 😀