We Bow Again To Japan (彼らは再びそれをやった)

[This post is about KITTEH and PUPPEH DONUTS. We suggest being seated when watching. That way you’re closer to the ground when you PLOP over DED. Let’s begin. -Ed]

Cuteporter Wendy M. sent this video to us. She found it on FreeKibbleKat.com*, (“Got this video from these lovely people. They deserve all the support they can get”) who found it on the We Heart Pets blog. Got that sequence straight? Right. Ready?

Naturally, there’s MORE Japanese QTE Craziness, like Kiiroitori Ice Cream….

Rilakkuma Ice Cream…

…and in the Non-Edible Department, we got your Kutsuwa Kawaii Pencil Cap Erasers WHAT.

[And your usual RocketNews24 fixation wasn’t even involved in this post ~ *Snerk* -Ed]

[Here’s Google Translate if you wanna run that header through. -Ed]

*Their slogan: “Every dog and cat deserves a decent dinner.” Best slogan ever.



  1. I want to put them ALL in my mouf. That is all.

  2. Austin Starr says:

    it’s hard to know what’s cuter — that darling girl or her donuts. absolutely adorable! thanks for finding and thanks for posting!

  3. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Do they have more than 24 hours in a day in Japan? I can’t imagine having the time to do this. 😉

  4. That’s just adorable. Do we have chocolate that comes in colors??

  5. Try cake-decorating specialty stores or websites. The cake-pops lady who made Boo and Grumpy Cat had pastilles in different colors. They may not taste like chocolate, but the colors will be good.

  6. Sharon Wilson says:

    How do you handle the ice cream shell without your hand melting it??

  7. Freekibble is a great site – you get an automatic email daily, answer two quick easy fun multiple choice questions, and donate free kibble to homeless animal shelters! What’s not to love!

  8. sabrina rose says:

    Why can’t there be a Japanese bakery/confectionery in every town???

  9. Gooooooooood question!

  10. I don’t think I could let anyone EAT my creations after all of that work!

  11. I wonder the same thing, sabrina rose 😀