National Zoo Panda Update!

‘Member back about a month ago, Mama Panda Mei Xiang had herself a Bebeh Panda and it came out looking, um, rather small? Rule #1 when dealing with Pandas: They get bigger.

“You have to see this video ~ it must be shared with the Interworldz! Mama Mei’s hugeness next to her little one, and her gentleness, are nearly too much to bear (unintended yet appropriate pun :).” -Cuteporter Debra R.

Here’s the latest YT video from last week, or you can always dial up the Panda Cam.



  1. P-p-precious… Squee

  2. crashnandicoot says:

    little leggies kicking! MOM!

  3. So cute and adorable. Regardless of other panda mamas, this one’s got a great momma bear.

  4. Aww little muffinette…

  5. *shrieks* The yawning! The snuggling!

  6. Mary (the first) says:

    Somewhere there was a photo of more than a dozen bebeh pandas but not with moms .. some kind of artificial thing happened .. I like this much better!!

  7. Smartypants says:

    Oh yes, the Chinese nursery where they had them in the giant crib – I think they are raised by hoomins til they are big enough to go in with Mom without getting skwished.

  8. sabrina rose says:

    OMG! The baby and Mom are so incredibly precious. What a mood-lifter to see them! Can’t help but wonder how cute would it be to have baby panda and Milo side by side.

  9. Kari Callin says:

    Such a big girl already! Before Mom knows it, she’ll be ready to head off to tree climbing school and needing her bamboo leave packed for her. 😀

  10. Oh, how wonderful to see a panda taking care of her own baby rather than the baby needing to be rescued and raised by humans (not that that’s a bad thing–it’s just better to see the REAL mama in action!).

  11. I love how she so carefully cradles her baby….so sweet!

  12. I just “squeeed” out loud. She is being so gentle, what a good mom!