Lily Must Have An “Off” Switch…Somewhere

The Energizer Bunneh has NO chance of keeping up with Lily The Speed Racer.

From Cuteporter Wendy M.



  1. Nothing runs like a JRT!!!

  2. This was really amazing. The music gave it an almost spiritual quality that I really dig.

  3. “And then Lily ate a rock. The End.”

    One of my most favorite videos of all time!

  4. Where IS that? What a cool track. Love the rock fetching at the end.

  5. Watch Lily catch some air! Looks like her papa has found a way to burn off some of that energy terriers have in excess.

  6. JTR, scottish music, amazingly cool track. Looks like a winning vid to me! Where IS that place though? I’d love it if there were something like that were I live.

  7. We need an EDIT button! Meant JRT. pfft! 😛

  8. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Had to back up about 3 times to 1:56 where Lily catches air. ZOMG.
    How to wear out a high energy goggie 101!

  9. WOW!!!

  10. Trailside, Park City, Utah

  11. ok .. Who gave the pup a can of JOLT cola ??

    Way too happy *GRINS* (Is there such a thing as Dognip?)

  12. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Love JRTs. They absolutely have to have something to do.

  13. It so nice to see someone that has the perfect lifestyle for their dog’s breed. Could you imagine if this dog was left at home in a crate all day? Then the people would wonder why their house was destroyed. Love this video!!! They should show it as a promo to people that are looking to have a JRT to show them what they’ll need to be doing with the dog, there’d be a lot fewer dogs in shelters.

  14. I want a video of the hard core nap that follows.

  15. this has been one of my favourite videos for YEARS – i cry when i watch it – it seems to me to embody pure joy of the moment and love of life – when i am particularly down i often watch Lily At Trailside.

  16. is that dog or machine? go lily go!

  17. That girl can haul! She sure loves running -if only all JRT’s could run off their excess energy that way!

  18. Could always put weights in her vest if she needs more exercise. She looked like she was ready for more runs at the end. A perfect match of dog and owner. Wish that was the case for all dogs.

  19. Nicely done. Quite wonderful. Love the music. Any way I can find out the titles and artists of those two songs?


  20. The song that starts at around 1:10 is Young Blood by The Naked and Famous.

  21. And Shazam tells me the first song is Mountain Dew by Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem.

  22. Not Scottish music–Irish. “Mountain Dew” by the Clancy Bothers.

  23. Wow. I’ll take 1/25th that energy to go, please. Go, Lily, go!

  24. Best thing to watch if you are having a bad day.

  25. Go faster….you’re not even stretching Lily out…she owns you in the corners!