For Some Pups, Home Is Where The Art Is

Check out these fantastical dog houses developed by world-class architects and designers at Architecture for Dogs! Details in the hovertexts.

Aaand, Snoopy says, “How do you like me now Red Baron!”


…There’s no place like foam, there’s no place like foam.


Heyyy, did they get the idea for this one from the traffic-cone scene in Toy Story?


A-tisket a-tasket, a Shiba Inu in a basket.



“And they all lived together in a little crooked house.”


There’s even a cute video:

Lots more dog house art to see via Rocket news.


  1. The first one looks like tofu. :-$

  2. The first one looks like tofu. :-$

  3. Same texture but more flavor.

  4. And each of those pups would be far happier on the couch or sneaking a snooze on the bed.

  5. AMAZING!!!