National Dog Week: A Dog Named Beau

It’s National Dog Week, the last full week of September. In honor of our furry friends, take 4:21 off to watch Jimmy Stewart’s touching tribute to his dog Beau on The Tonight Show, July 28, 1981.

Poem text is here if you want to print it. Photo from



  1. Someone is cutting onions in my office this morning.

  2. They were both amazing! I remember watching this live when I was a kid, and I thought how weird it was……but now, nothing but tears and a heart full of love for Mr. Stewart and Beau!

  3. Austin Starr says:

    wow, this is killer. I’ve seen it before and, just like last time, I didn’t make it to the end without my eyes filling up — just like Mr. Stewart’s and Johnny’s did — thanks for posting!

  4. I remember seeing this way back when. I couldn’t help but read the poem, but I couldn’t bring myself to watch the video. This is so real for anyone who’s loved a sweet doggie (or kitty or any precious non-human family member of any kind).

  5. Wow! Tears flowing.

  6. Well now, I guess I need to clean house better since there seems to be an awful lot of dust making my eyes all watery or something, yeah, that’s it. I think I’ll co hug the kitty and get some fur on me, maybe I won’t mind the “dust” so much after that.

  7. I’ll go hug the kitty. Now I’m crying and I can’t type, oh well.

  8. Hugging my baby girl doggeh even harder than usual, tears streaming down my cheeks.

  9. Likewise, just remembering it from 30-odd years ago makes my eyes water and chest hurt. No way in heck I’m going to watch it.

  10. But when CO does the “Men of CO” calendar, I hope that nice B&W photo of Mr. Stewart and Beau can be used. Both are right handsome!

  11. I remember watching this live way back then. I was crying along with Johnny and millions of others. You are correct – reading the poem does not do this justice. I was fortunate enough to meet Mr. Stewart some years ago – a lovelier, more gentle man, I’ve never met. And yes, we dog guardians who have lost a dog, know exactly how heart breaking this feels. Thanks for publishing the clip. Priceless.

  12. SuburbanPrairie says:

    I remember watching it live, too, and I remember crying like a baby! I cried when Jimmy Stewart died, too… what a treasure.

  13. SuburbanPrairie says:

    Give her an extra hug for me, will ya? I’m without doggie companionship at the moment. 😦

  14. I bought a book of his poetry because I loved that one so much. What a treasure he was.

  15. Me too, SuburbanPrairie. Tears then, tears now, tears when Jimmy Stewart, the epitome of class, passed away.

  16. Mary (the first) says:

    I’ve seen this and don’t think I can watch it right now but I haven’t seen the photo before. How gorgeous are they both!! Wow.

  17. Consider it done, SP. I loved what you said about Jimmy Stewart – he was an amazing actor but he always managed to come across as a real person. None of that fake Hollywood stuff for him. For those of you who have never seen the movie “Harvey,” do yourself a favor and watch it. So, so sweet.

  18. agreed!!! That sweet look of admiration (both on Mr. Stewart’s and Beau’s faces) is perfect – I vote for February!

  19. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Every time I watch this, I know what’s gonna happen and, yet, I watch it again and again. Thank, Jimmy and Beau (and Gloria).

  20. Lavren Beeh says:

    Sniff! Sniff! That was so touching… I love you too beau! Thank You!

  21. What Jenna said. BOTH times.

  22. Epitome of class, indeed! I loved Jimmy Stewart. One of a kind.

  23. Watch ANY Jimmy Stewart movie if you never have!

  24. I think they came over to my house to cut some more…

  25. Rixraxmarie says:

    Wow. Truly amazing, and loving. I always thought Jimmy Stewart was a nice man; he sure was. What a lucky dog, and I’m so lucky to have seen this

  26. Just when I thought I couldn’t love Jimmy Stewart any more than I do . . . not sure how I missed this when it first aired (except that The Tonight Show was FAR past my bedtime).

  27. I remember watching this and it still makes me cry. So sweet.