Welcome Aboard, Sir Stuffington!

So tell us, WhARRR ye been, pirate kitten? Talk Like a Pirate Day is ovARRR. YARRR late!

I, Sir Stuffington, and me two brothers, were busy bein’ rescued by some landlubbers and the Multnomah County Animal Services. Arrr!

SARRRy I’m late. I had a hARRRd day.

Me alARRRm clock broke.

Our cARRR broke down.

Me ‘n me mateys got mARRRooned.

I fell in a bARRRell!

They hornswoggled me ARRRmpits!

It took fARRRever to put on me appARRRel.
But now I’m ready for me GlamARRR Shot.

“I know it’s a little late for talk like a pirate day, but, c’mon. How could you deny that cutie a spot on CO?” -Jenna W.
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  1. Which is a pirate’s favorite letter?
    The “c” !
    : )

  2. Oh, gosh, such a cute kitten! His poor eye. Hope they call have good homes now.

  3. who could refuse such adorabuhlity? Not me, fur sherr. Does the monocular kitteh have cleft palate, too? I just want to make sure he gets enough to eat, poor bebeh. Does he get lots of cuddles? Does someone pick heem up and pat his wee lil head, and zrbrt his tummy and play with heem often?

  4. Ahh tooo cute!! Sir Stuffington is the awesomest pirate cat EVER!

  5. YES!! My shelter works closely with Multnomah County Shelter. They are good people. So happy to see them here!!

  6. AWW 😀 I am so glad those three dear sweet little kitties are in good hands 😀 I do hope all three find loving forever homes 😀

  7. What happened to the poor little baby?

  8. And, appropriately, the post is by pyrit!

  9. Smartypants says:

    Good one!

  10. Smartypants says:

    Hi Emmberrann, I checked the little pirate’s FB & a couple of articles, and it looks like his jaw was hurt in the same incident as his eye (one article mentioned a raccoon attack) so not cleft palate.

    Yes, I think he will get lots of noms and pets and tummy raspberries – his foster mom sound awesome and he’s got more & more fans.

  11. OMGOSH! That pic with the eyepatch is the cutest thing ever! Cute than Jack Sparrow and that’s saying something.

  12. The cuteness of the kitteh is rivaled only by the cleverness of Pyrit!

  13. Oh my god.. the one where he is all wet… dying.. so cute!

  14. Adorable, from top to bottom, but that pic of the three kittehs snuggling in the bed absolutely slays me with the cuteness…

  15. Thanks for updating. I willl sleep better knowing Bebeh Pirate Kitteh is well-loved and cared for.h

  16. Terri Dunkley says:

    Oh my gosh! The one blue eye! The Sneer! The widdle white paws!!!! I really want this kitten! Is he adopted yet???

  17. Oh that poor baby’s look of pure incredulous horror at being subjected to the indignity of a BATH!

  18. One Eyed, One Fanged, Blue Eyed, Tattooed People Eater

  19. I always thought it be ARRRRR!

  20. This leetle guy looks like he would be right at home next to Grumpy Cat!

  21. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Is that the cyclopse-kitty being hugged in the 5th pic? How wonderful.

    And that permanent sneer gets funnier the longer I look at it. So much character. :3

  22. I almost missed the kitten because I was too busy having hysterics at the pirate-speak. Hornswoggled. Gets me every time. That photo with the pirate outfit finished me off.

  23. Mingus's Mom says:

    Grumpy Cat has competition!!!!

  24. My exact thought! It’s Grumpy Cat’s mini me. Disapprovingly cute. Yarr!

  25. Apparently a raccoon attack. I feel bad for him too. Poor thing.

  26. He and his brothers are being treated for calcivirus (which is contagious) so they need some more time to recover before they can be adoptified

  27. Mary (the first) says:

    Yay, Multnomah County Shelter! (I just live across the river 😀 )

  28. WIN!

  29. Jade Kauffman says:

    Utterly sweet little ones and I hope they all find loving homes. My little cat is a rescue cat and I’ve had her 17 years. She’s 20 this year and still full of play and cuddles and demands for more Cheetos! But not to worry. She only weights 6.75 pounds; having been weaned too early and then underfed, she never did get over 8 pounds. Cheetos are her friends and I suspect that little pirate guy could put away a few himself. This group of pictures could make cat lovers of anyone and that’s just a good thing!

  30. Don’t you mean “arrgh”?