Wake Up Wake Up Wake UP

It’s time to go chase the roosters! Can’t you hear ’em? Let’s GO! Rise ‘N’ Shine!!

“I stumbled across this ADORABLE video of a baby elephant trying to wake his pup friend to presumably play with him! The best part starts at 1:40 where you can see the ehn! from baby ele!” -Sarah P. as seen on Dogheirs.com.



  1. That is one pooped pup…obviously not a “morning canine”! Thanks, Sarah P.

  2. Pup reminds me of me.

    I think the best part is at about 2:40 when heffalump picks up pup’s feet 😀

  3. That dog must of had one heck of a night out last night!

  4. Mischief Girl says:

    The person pestering the dog with the green stalk annoyed me. This was cute enough without their involvement! Super cute bebe heffalump!

  5. agree!

  6. socalgirly75 says:

    Such delicate little touches from the little elly, plus my dog Bella looks exactly like the furry snoozer!!! Love this!

  7. fleurdamour says:

    Doggeh was so happy snoozing in the dirt. I honestly think the roosters were the worst part.

  8. Elephants sleep for about four hours a day. Doggies tend to want a bit more than that. Little elephant is going to have to do a lot of waiting for playtime!

  9. I feel like that pup every morning. Although if I had a baby elephant trying to get me to wake up I think I would be more inclined to get out of bed. 🙂

  10. agree X 2.

  11. Worst. Nap. Ever.

  12. I wonder if little ele was worried about his friend. “Are you dead or sumpin?”

  13. Yup, nothing worse than a trunk-ated nap.

  14. I loved this. This is exactly what my lab mix is like……

  15. Blue Footed Booby says:

    He wants to see them play, so he’s helping the ephelant. What’s not to like?

  16. Boom! Oakley wins it again! 😆 Sweet! Applause!

  17. I KNOW right! That blew me away. I’m always amazed how delicate such powerful animals can be.

  18. Oh man, that’s a lot of hours waiting for your buddies to get up! Imagine if they befriended a KITTY!

  19. alias miss ferkit says:

    was that a little snootful of dust the heffalump picked up to … hopefully sprinkle the pup’s muzzle? brilliiant!

  20. Sharon Wilson says:

    I loved how the person tickled the dog with the grass stalk and the dog just scratched its ear and went back to sleep. “Nope, not gettin’ up!”

  21. Laura DragonWench says:

    I love that slight wiggle of the trunk around 2:39. It’s like “I’ve got your paws! Now whaddya gonna do about it? Huh, huh?”