Do You Like Hoppy Endings?

Then Fuzzberry’s story is for you!

“This is little Fuzzberry,

She came into our shelter, Bandaids for Bunnies, with 3 big abscesses.

She was one of the hundreds of bunnies living on the streets here in Richmond, British Columbia.

All are pets or offspring of pets. She is doing well and her abscesses are healing. We just love her!

She would love to see her pictures on Cute Overload!

These photos were taken by Christopher Orr. They were taken in our garden by the shelter. Our Facebook page is Bandaids for Bunnies.” -Krystal




  1. Omg….so cute!

  2. kibblenibble says:

    My name is fuzzberry and I approve this message. 🙂

  3. Baby bunbun pot belly! *swoons and faints*

  4. SoCratesX53 says:

    ***runs and puts down a pile fluffy bunbuns to catch surgitomo’s fall***

  5. I want her! I want her! [sobbing, since I’m nowhere near BC, Canada]
    The belleh, people, the BELLEH!!

  6. The belly. The belly. THE BELLY.

  7. *shrieking* BUNNEH BELLEH!!!!!

  8. sabrina rose says:

    I love bunnies! Fuzzberry is extra cute. British Columbia is so gorgeous in the fall – let’s all go up there and adopt two bunnies each! (“fixed,” of course)

  9. Howsweet is this bunneh? The “unicorn” picture? *omg gasp* (I can’t even HANDLE the belleh pic, fogettaboutit]

  10. How are there bunnies living on the streets? That’s horrible. How do you have a bunny and then chuck it out the door to fend for itself?! Thank goodness there are people who care in Richmond.

  11. Living on the streets? Smoking cigarettes in darkened doorways, selling bags of catnip to roving gangs of cats? *clutches pearls* What has this world come to???

  12. Packing my bag with select bunneh treats and timothy hay now.

  13. Whatever you do, DON’T go to the Bandaids for Bunnies page!! Especially if you have no one around to revive you from the ensuing “cute coma.” 😉

  14. My baby, Theodore von Snuffles, was found in the side of the road, covered in ticks. He is the sweetest little thing, all fluff and cuddles and I have no idea how anyone could have left him.

  15. There are idiot owners who get tired of their pet and let them loose, thinking they’ll live “free” and poop unicorns.

    It makes me crazy. They have no idea how hard it is for these domestic bunnies. Not to mention that they over-run some areas, prompting culling sometimes. They get these abscesses from fights with each-other/wild rabbits/predators. They don’t’ heal properly without help. A bunny can die from an abscess just growing and growing until sepsis or worse takes them. This shelter is doing GREAT WORK! I’m glad to hear someone is doing SOMETHING! (former Vancouver Resident)

    It’s a huge problem in the Greater Vancouver Area. 😦

    It always goes back to people who are to irresponsible to have pets.

  16. WTF is wrong with people??? They take a domestic bunneh and let it loose on the streets to fend for itself??? Thank goodness for bunneh resqte. I need to go make a donation right now (and try to forget how heartless some people can be).

  17. Don’t overlook the loverly pawsie! the swoon and faint–yet again…

  18. sabrina rose says:


  19. Aww, I am in love! I am so happy that rescues like this one exist. I have two happy bunnies myself and they make me smile every single day!

  20. I love her little tum!!!

  21. phred's mom says:

    Quick, get in the car now!

  22. Sadly, yes.

    It’s especially a problem when people buy a cute baby bunny for their kid for Easter, with no idea about how to care for it properly. They stick it in a cage, their kid pokes it, and then neglects it, and since it never occurred to them to speuter them it pretty much becomes a bitey pee-spraying psycho at puberty and bunny gets “set free”. Which is often a death sentence, as the average lifespan of a dumped domestic rabbit is 2 weeks.

    Our small rescue on the north side of Chicago has taken in 26 since Easter 2013, and that’s just the ones that our volunteers or friends personally found – it doesn’t count the ones we took in from other rescue groups, shelters, or surrenders. The most recent was on Friday – the poor tiny girl was malnourished, soaked in urine and huddled under a dumpster in the rain.

    I have happily shared my home with two “slightly used Easter Bunnies”, who run free in my apartment, use a litter box, and dance with joy around my ankles when I get up in the morning because it’s pellet time.

  23. she’s soooo cute! and her belly….. aaaaawwww! 🙂 hugs and kisses

  24. Awe…… Just look at that little FuzzBerry! So happy she is doing so well.

  25. Flippyswitch says:

    Look at that little face. Their facebook page shows how she looked when she first came in, she looks so much better now! What a cutie!!

  26. Smartypants says:

    That fat little tummy! (fallin’ over from Teh Qte). Looks like she is overcoming her rough start.

    It makes me bonkers when people think pets can just go ‘live free’. Thank you to the rescuers and adopters.

  27. I love her just for her name alone!

  28. Poor little bun-bun. I’m glad she’s doing better. God bless all the sweet, kind people who take care of her and others like her. *sniff*

  29. Lived near a wooded area as a teen and saw, and tried to capture, several “freed” buns over the years. There are cemeteries around here with domestic bun populations. I don’t know WHY people do this! You ought to be required to have a license to have an anipal!

  30. Krystal is a wonderful person. She has taken in 16 tiny baby bunnies and a mother from our enclosed parkades where they nest with their babies. There are many more hopping around our buildings. Some are struck by cars and others are injured after being struck by them or in territorial fights. Luckily some people try to help by feeding them. It’s an on – going situation that is sad to witness, especially during the snowy days.

  31. Awe she’s wonderful, thanks for the photos!

  32. YAY!! She really is Miss Fuzzberry Supreme now!! 🙂